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Why You Should Never Have Raw Silicone Directly Injected Into Your Breast During Your Breast Augmentation

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

A breast augmentation is a transformative surgical procedure designed to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. Whether it is to increase breast size or restore the appearance of breasts after pregnancy or breastfeeding, in Toronto, breast augmentation is one of the most frequently requested cosmetic surgical procedures. Unfortunately, due to the cost associated with this procedure, some women are turning to underground clinics in search of their desired results. However, in doing so, they are endangering themselves as many unlicensed surgeons utilize risky alternatives rather than following accepted techniques and safety protocols. Although silicone implants are a safe breast implant option, raw silicone should never be injected directly into your breasts due to its numerous health risks.

Health Risks Of Raw Silicone Injections

The use of off-label items for breast augmentation such as raw silicone or synthetic oils is not FDA approved because it is incredibly dangerous and in some cases, the results can be fatal. In addition to causing pain and discomfort, when raw silicone is injected directly into the breasts it can lead to botched results as your body naturally builds scar tissue around the silicone and the breasts consequently begin to harden, resulting in an uneven and unnatural appearance. In addition, the use of raw silicone increases your risk of breast cancer and can lead to a variety of other health complications in the future.While an underground clinic may save you money in the short term, the long-term effects are incredibly costly. As a result of their numerous negative side effects, women who choose to have raw silicone breast injections frequently need to undergo surgery to completely remove the silicone and surrounding depressed tissue and reshape the breasts using implants. This complex surgical procedure can take three to four hours and often costs more than $ 10,000. Thus, it is advisable to do your research ahead of time in order to ensure that the procedure you choose to undergo is safe for your body, will lead to beautiful, long lasting results, and will not pose a risk to your health in the future.

Importance Of Choosing A Reputable, Qualified Surgeon

When considering a breast augmentation or any other surgical procedure, the most important consideration should be your safety, as no cosmetic procedure is worth taking unnecessary risks with your life. Take your time to do your research and select a highly qualified board certified plastic surgeon that has experience performing breast augmentations. A reputable surgeon who is a member of the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons has the knowledge, training, and skills necessary to safely perform the procedure and will be dedicated to upholding a high ethical standard.If you are interested in undergoing a breast augmentation, please contact our clinic to schedule a pre-operative consultation with Dr. Jerome Edelstein or Dr. Kunaal Jindal, leading breast augmentation surgeons in Toronto dedicated to helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals in a safe and comfortable manner.

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