Butt Augmentation And Lift Risks

Bleeding/Hematoma: If blood does not clot normally during butt augmentation surgery, a hematoma (collection of blood) can form and create a tender bulge underneath the skin. This complication can be avoided by refraining from taking specific non-prescription supplements, anti-inflammatory medication and aspirin for two weeks prior to surgery.

Fluid Accumulation/Seroma: Butt lifts require either fat grafting or implant placement, which can lead to an accumulation of fluid underneath the skin known as a seroma. Seromas are typically warded off through the use of drains during or following the surgery, but may sometimes require additional procedures to correct. If liposuction is used in the procedure, the tumescent fluid that is injected into the operating site may be reabsorbed into the body unevenly as well. This can lead to serious kidney, lung and heart problems. Dr. Edelstein is extremely careful in monitoring patients for the development of this issue.

Skin Necrosis: The skin of the surgical site may die (become necrotic) after surgery. Necrosis sees the skin change colour, begin to fall off and become infected. Subsequent surgery is necessary to correct this issue. It is more common in smokers and diabetics.

Infection: The risk for infection increases in proportion to the amount of fat injected during a Brazilian Butt Lift. Antibiotics are administered to help reduce this possibility.

The risk of infection is higher with butt implants (23-30% higher). Infections can range from mild to severe. Accordingly, the issue may be treated through measures as minor as a course of antibiotics to as drastic as removing implants. Most infections can be dealt with via antibiotics or additional surgeries. Smokers, patients with diabetes and those who have undergone multiple procedures are at a greater risk of developing infections.

Poor Wound Healing: Smokers and those who are naturally slow to heal may not recover properly. In these cases infections or reopened sutures may occur. Avoiding smoking four weeks before and after the surgery can help to reduce this risk.

Wound Dehiscence: Wound dehiscence refers to the separation of layers of the skin during the healing process. The risk of dehiscence is increased when sutures break, untie or tear during the healing process. Patients who smoke, move too much or experience skin death (necrosis) while healing may also experience skin separation. If dehiscence occurs in the deep layers of the skin resolving the issue may require additional surgeries.

Suture Granuloma: Suture granuloma refers to a process wherein the stitches begin to break, irritate or become visible through the skin during recovery. If granuloma occurs it may require early suture removal.

Skin Sensation: The surgical site may feel numb, sensitive, painful or different than usual after surgery. This problem typically resolves itself within four to six months and is very rarely permanent. Massages help increase circulation and speed the return of normal skin sensation. Chronic pain can occur if nerves become trapped in the scar tissue that forms during surgery. This complication is extremely rare.

Implant Complications: Butt implants can injure the sciatic nerve if they exert pressure or migrate to this area of the lower back. In these cases the implant may need to be removed. Implants may also begin to press through the incision or the skin of the buttock region. This risk is increased if excessive pressure is applied to the implants during recovery or if the patient suffers from an infection. It can also occur due to fluid or blood accumulation.

Skin Irregularities: Some of the fat injected into the buttocks (20-30%) is reabsorbed by the body after the surgery. If the fat reabsorbs unevenly it can cause an asymmetrical appearance. After liposuction a patient may notice skin depressions and contour irregularities as well. Gently massaging the surgical site during recovery can help resolve this issue naturally. Liposuction may also lead to some swelling and discolouration. Long-term and permanent discolouration and swelling are extremely rare. Most cases resolve themselves during the recovery process.

Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Complications: Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a condition wherein blood clots form in the deep veins of the legs. Our surgeons use compression devices and urges early post-operative movement to encourage circulation. Sometimes a gentle blood thinner is used as well. If blood clots enter the lungs there is a risk of partial lung collapse. Though these complications are rare patients should report any signs of pulmonary conditions (difficulty breathing or shortness of breath) to a doctor immediately.

Allergic Reactions: It is possible for patients to be allergic to sutures, topical preparations, surgical tapes, prescription medications and drugs used before, after and during the procedure. Allergic reactions should be reported and treated immediately.

Unfavourable Scarring: Noticeable scarring can result from an abnormal or lengthy suture healing process. Scars typically fade over several years and can range in size, symmetry, colour and severity. Hypertrophic and keloid scarring are rare and may require additional treatment to correct. Asymmetrical scar placement and contouring may also result due to the body’s natural lack of perfect symmetry, though it is not a common complication.

Suboptimal Results: We work hard to ensure that our patients receive the best possible results, but it is impossible to guarantee a perfect outcome with every procedure. In cases where a lift or augmentation results in residual drooping, excessive tightening, abnormal scarring or other non-ideal aesthetic outcomes it may be necessary to undergo additional treatment.

Revisional Surgery: Patients who experience complications or less than ideal aesthetic results may require (or wish to undergo) further treatment.




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