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Here Are Some Common Brazilian Butt Lift Misconceptions

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

Altering the shape and volume of your derriere to achieve a more flattering and curvy contour to the body can be done with either butt implants or a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). Although both procedures have a common goal of enhancing the shape and volume of the butt to improve the patient’s silhouette, different methods are used to achieve this goal. Butt implants are medical devices that are surgically inserted into the body, while a Brazilian Butt Lift is a butt augmentation procedure that uses the patient’s own fat tissues to produce natural-looking results.

The BBL offers advantages that the implants do not and thus, has gained popularity in recent years. However, because it is a relatively new cosmetic technique, there are a number of common misconceptions about BBL.

A BBL Is The Same As All Butt Augmentation Procedures.

The truth is that a BBL is a specific kind of butt augmentation procedure. It focuses on transferring fat from one area of the body to the butt, in a controlled and strategic manner to achieve the desired results.

A BBL Can Use Someone Else’s Fat For Transfer.

The purpose of a BBL is to use the patient’s excess fat in order to enhance their butt. If the patient does not have sufficient fat for the procedure, then they must seek an alternative augmentation procedure or attempt to gain weight for the desired results. Fat tissue is specific to an individual and it is too risky to use another person’s fat for the procedure.

Fat Grafting Is A Better Solution.

While fat grafting in a BBL delivers results that look and feel more natural, the outcome can be extremely unpredictable because the precise amount of fat tissue that will ultimately survive is uncertain. Therefore, it is difficult for the plastic surgeon to gauge the exact amount of fat to be injected into the buttocks. An experienced and qualified plastic surgeon will be better at handling this concern.

A BBL Is A Weight Loss Strategy.

This is a very common misconception due to the use of fat grafting in a BBL. Some believe that since excess fat is being removed from a donor part of the body, they have lost weight. However, it is important to keep in mind that the removed excess fat is injected back into the body (relocated to the buttocks). Therefore, technically speaking, the area in which the fat was removed will appear thinner but overall, there will be no change to your weight.

If you are interested in receiving a BBL to enhance your backside, we welcome you to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Edelstein or Dr. Jindal in order to determine if it is an appropriate procedure to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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