How Will Losing Weight Affect Your Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a butt augmentation cosmetic surgery procedure designed to enhance the appearance of the buttocks by increasing its size and volume with autologous fat grafts (fat from your own body). This popular treatment option is often the preferable method for individuals who wish to reshape their body without the use of implants or who have excess body fat to spare.The BBL procedure requires two major steps. The first step involves the extraction of fat from a donor site on the body via a liposuction technique. After the removal of fat, the graft is prepared through a processing step that isolates pure fat cells. The second step is the injection of the processed fat graft into the buttocks in a strategic manner in order to increase the size and volume, while ensuring that the results appear natural.

Since fat grafts are injected into the buttocks during a BBL, many patients wonder whether losing weight after the procedure will affect the outcome. It is important to note that plastic surgeons recommend that patients maintain a stable weight after undergoing a BBL since dramatic fluctuations in weight can affect the results tremendously. This means that exercising and weight loss can potentially reduce the results delivered by the BBL.

While exercise alone can tone and change the shape of the gluteal muscles, it will not significantly alter the volume of the buttocks. However, when the exercise promotes weight loss as well, patients can experience a reduction in volume – particularly if the weight loss is affecting the site of the transferred fat.

This is because the transferred fat from the donor site behaves as if it is in its original location and consequently shrinks due to the change in weight and body metabolism. Luckily, this decrease in buttocks volume is from the shrinking of fat cells, not from the death of fat cells. Therefore, any future weight gain can potentially lead to an increase in the fat cells and ultimately, restore the BBL result.Although it is best to ensure that your weight does not fluctuate significantly in order to maintain optimal results after a Brazilian Butt Lift, this does not mean that you cannot exercise. In fact, exercises that  target the gluteal muscles are recommended because they will help improve the shape of your buttocks and BBL results; however, you will need to match your daily caloric intake with your energy expenditure. Furthermore, dramatic changes to your new buttocks will only happen if you are experiencing large fluctuations in weight. Minor differences in weight gain or loss will rarely change the shape or volume.For the first 6 months after a BBL, it is generally recommended that you avoid Cardio or other Fat-Burning exercise.  Weight training, Pilates, and Yoga are good alternatives.

If you are interested in learning more about the BBL procedure or have concerns regarding the maintenance of the results from your BBL, our team at the Edelstein Clinic would be happy to meet with you to answer your questions and provide guidance for attaining the best possible results.




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