Preparing For A Butt Lift

By adequately preparing for your butt lift, you can have a smoother surgical experience and faster recovery—so you can see your results sooner!

We will give you a complete list of pre-operative care instructions that you should follow to better prepare for your surgery. The following is a list of general things that you can do in preparation of your butt lift:

1. Stop smoking for at least two weeks before your surgery and two weeks afterward. This is to avoid exposure to the carbon monoxide in cigarettes, a noxious gas that reduces your rate of healing by adversely affecting the ability of red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout your body. Carbon monoxide can also make it more difficult for transferred fat to survive in the case of a Brazilian butt lift.2. Stop drinking alcohol for at least two weeks before your surgery. Alcohol consumption before surgery increases your risk of complications and slows your rate of recovery. It can also weaken your immune system (increasing the risk of infection).

3. Stop taking any medications and supplements that promote blood thinning, such as aspirin, Advil, St. John’s Wort and Vitamin E. This is to prevent excessive bleeding and bruising.

4. Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water before your surgery. This gives your body the nutrition it needs to be in better shape for surgery.

5. You may also want to start taking stool softeners a couple of days before your surgery, as a common side effect of anesthesia, surgery and prescribed pain medication afterward is constipation. Foods that can help naturally resolve constipation include prunes, raisins, and bran cereal.

The following things should be done so that you don’t have to attend to them after your surgery, when you should be concentrating on your recovery:

1. Fill any necessary prescriptions.

2. Prepare your home, making it accommodating for your recovery. Make sure you have everything you need in a convenient place and have nutritious food ready to eat. Ice packs, towels and loose, comfortable clothing should be readily available.

3. Children should be cared for by a trusted family member or friend.

A butt lift can give you the curves you want, and you can see your results sooner with adequate preparation.
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