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Will Brazilian Butt Lift Results Still Look Good Years After Surgery?

If you plan to have a butt augmentation procedure performed such as the Brazilian butt lift, you may be wondering just what you can expect when it comes to the results and how long the results will last. In general, your Brazilian butt lift will last for years to come after surgery, especially if you take the proper aftercare steps once the procedure is performed.

Most women are able to get a good ten years out of their butt lift before they need to have a touchup. The butt lift itself is designed to last a lifetime, but it is natural for our bodies to age and change shape over time, which is why a touchup may be needed.

As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, follow your aftercare instructions, and avoid a hefty weight gain, you will find that your results last as long as you would expect them to. Below, we will go over some of the aftercare instructions that you need to pay attention to as these will help ensure the best results.

Aftercare Instructions to Pay Attention To

1. After your initial procedure and throughout the week following it, you want to make sure you rest as much as possible and that you perform light duties. You do not want to be too physically active during this time. A slow walk around your home or around the block is OK, but do not push yourself. You should avoid drinking and smoking as this will slow down the healing process and infection may occur.

2. You cannot sit down on your bottom for up to four weeks after the procedure. When you go to the bathroom, you should crouch over the toilet and avoid placing any pressure on your buttocks. It is recommended that you stand to eat and to perform other activities that you would normally do sitting down. If you have to sit, try sitting on a pillow that is placed under your thighs instead of your buttocks.

If you sit down and place pressure on your buttocks, the fat will be reabsorbed into your body and your results will not be what you expected. Once the healing period has passed, you will be able to sit down again.

3. You need to make sure that you wear your compression garment for at least three to six weeks. This is a crucial step because the garment helps to stop swelling and will help you achieve the best results, including the liposuction results.

4. Lastly, avoid all exercises that require you to lie or sit on your buttocks until the healing period has passed. You can lift dumbbells and perform arm exercises as desired.

If you plan to undergo a butt augmentation procedure such as the Brazilian butt lift, you can expect your results to last for a long time, unless you do not take care of yourself after the procedure. The biggest thing you need to be worried about is placing pressure on the fat cells after the procedure and up to a few weeks after the surgery.

If you are interested in having a butt augmentation procedure performed, contact our clinic today and schedule your consultation with Dr. Edelstein or Dr. Jindal.

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