Genioplasty Can Improve An Aging Neck And Jawline

While chin augmentation, technically known as genioplasty, is designed to improve the chin for a more balanced profile, our craniofacial plastic surgeon has found that for some patients, another benefit also exists: it can rejuvenate the neck and jawline.A neck lift or face lift is recommended for addressing tissue laxity in the area of the neck and lower face. This cosmetic surgical procedure repositions and removes excess skin and fat while also tightening lax muscles. The degree of laxity and droop of facial soft tissues is related to aging, sun exposure, smoking and genetics. A major determinant of the extent of this effect as well as of the success of any face or neck lift is the patient’s underlying bone structure, and in the lower face (jawline) and neck area the mandible (chin bone) is that bone. A weak chin will generally result in earlier and more significant lower facial and neck aging. Often patients can undergo genioplasty as an alternative or an adjunct to facelifting to achieve better and more long-lasting results.In recent years, genioplasty has increased in popularity because of its ability to dramatically enhance a patient’s profile, making it more balanced. While younger patients find the treatment beneficial to correct the chin they were born with, other patients undergo the procedure to enhance soft-tissue support and volume lost due to the aging process.

If you look at the before and after photos of this patient who had a sliding Osseous genioplasty (a technique that involves shifting the bone forward), you can see how her chin isn’t just enhanced—her neck also looks firmer and more youthful, despite not having had a face or neck lift.

Genioplasty to correct facial aging is only suitable for some patients. Call (416) 256-5614 to book your private medical consultation with our craniofacial plastic surgeon to see if the technique can achieve your aesthetic goals.




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