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After Your Facial Injection

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

These post-treatment instructions have been created to prepare you for your recovery following Botox® and injectable fillers. They will help you care for the treated site. Following these instructions will maximize your opportunity for uncomplicated wound healing and optimize the likelihood of an excellent cosmetic outcome.

Post-operative CourseThe healing time for a given procedure varies between different patients. The following represents the general recovery you might expect following your facial injection. Individual patients may experience variations from this course.
Day 1-3:Most patients return to normal within a couple hours of the procedure! A few experience some swelling, redness, discomfort and possibly bruising during the first few days following the injection. Most of this settles down within 3 days. Occasionally, the swelling can last up to one week.
What to do after your facial injection:

  1. Extra strength Tylenol is usually adequate to manage any discomfort.
  2. Cool, soft, flexible ice packs may be used (or small packs of frozen peas) to keep the swelling down. Place the ice pack on the treated area(s) for 15-20 minutes at a time, 3 or 4 times per day.
  3. Keep your head elevated and use several pillows at night to help diminish the swelling.
  4. You can wash with soap and water, and apply make-up, the day after your injection.
  5. Avoid exercising strenuously, going out into the sun, exposing yourself to cold, or drinking alcohol the day of the treatment.
  6. Most patients can return to work the day after the injection.

Some Final Notes:
In general, the majority of Edelstein Cosmetic’s facial injectable patients are very pleased with their aesthetic enhancement and rejuvenation. Complications are rare. Depending upon your goals, you may require long term re-treatments with the facial injectable to maintain the desired correction or enhancement.

The quality of your cosmetic enhancement may be compromised if you fail to return for any scheduled post-op visits, or follow the post-operative instructions.

Don’t hesitate to report any unusual or concerning changes. We are here to help you achieve your desired aesthetic goals!

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