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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

A Soft Lift® is a skin rejuvenation technique that holistically treats a patient’s entire face, rather than targeting individual wrinkles or lines. A Soft Lift® employs BOTOX Cosmetic® and Juvéderm together in a single procedure to create exceptional, natural results.The Soft Lift® North York procedure begins with the application of BOTOX®. BOTOX® reduces the appearance of any lines surrounding the eyes or affecting the forehead, eliminating the angry or tired expression associated with the aging process. Juvéderm is then used to minimize creases and lines around the patient’s mouth. This filler is also applied to the cheeks, lips and chin in order to restore any lost fullness. Both BOTOX® and Juvéderm work together to help revitalize the upper, mid and lower areas of the face.

The end result of the treatment is a subtly enhanced, more youthful and wholly refreshed appearance.

A Soft Lift® is able to fill in folds and wrinkles, minimize fine lines, plump up thinning skin, redefine facial contours, replenish collagen levels and lift sagging facial features. Because of this it’s an ideal treatment option for patients seeking the correction of forehead lines, under eye hollows, crow’s feet, frown, smile, marionette (mouth corners) or smoker’s lines and the loss of cheek or lip volume. A Soft Lift® can lift the brow and reduce a loss of jawline firmness as well.The treatment is suitable for patients of any age and can be tailored to best suit the unique requirements of anyone, providing the benefits they desire through a single session. A Soft Lift® also offers great results without any recovery downtime.

Treating The Upper Facial Area With Soft Lift®BOTOX® is able to safely relax facial muscles, while Juvéderm can further help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles (particularly those that are very defined). The products are able to smoothen frown lines between the eyebrows as well as eliminate crow’s feet and horizontal forehead lining. Once this has been accomplished the patient looks more relaxed and better rested.

Improving The Mid-Facial Area With Soft Lift®Juvéderm is used to reduce lines, wrinkles and to plump thinning or sagging areas of the face. The injectable gel is made up of hyaluronic acid (a substance naturally created by the body) and is able to provide safe, natural looking results for up to a full year. In a Soft Lift®, Juvéderm is used to fill in smile lines and provide volume to the lips and cheeks.

Rejuvenating The Lower-facial Area With Soft Lift®Juvéderm improves the shape and contour of a patient’s jaw line while also treating any remaining lines or thinning affecting this area of the face.

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