The Scientific Formula for the Perfect Face

Most of us have always assumed the beauty is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder — but this may not actually be the case. A study into what sample groups see as “ideal faces” has uncovered surprising results that may give all of us a guideline for how to achieve what the most people consider to be the perfect face.
THE PERFECT FACE: WHAT DID SCIENTISTS FIND?The University of Toronto’s Professor K. Lee headed up a study that discovered how precise measurements can determine whether or not a woman has a “perfect face”. Luckily for all of us, it’s not just traditionally beautiful women that match this formula: Lee’s theory shows that the average woman’s face matches his rule. Rather than think that we must all have stereotypically attractive features (like full lips), Professor Lee places a greater emphasis on structure.

A group of American and Canadian students were asked to pick which women they found most attractive through a selection of photographs in order to make the most scientifically viable rule for how we can define beauty. The university’s study found that a “perfect face” has ratios with feature arrangements like the eyes and mouth being no further apart than one third of the face’s total length and the pupils being separated by no more than less than half the width of the face. Because of this, we now know that good looks are determined more by proportions than exactly which features we possess. Even relatively minor changes in hairstyles or cuts can change a person’s appearance and, taking this into consideration, it’s easy to see how cosmetic procedures can work to make anybody more attractive.
HOW CAN I ACHIEVE THE PERFECT FACE?Cosmetic procedures are able to alter the measurements that Professor Lee describes, allowing virtually anyone to enjoy a fantastic appearance. Facial asymmetry may also be addressed, a trait that may negatively impact your appearance.

Minor tweaks to facial ratios like can also be achieved through procedures like BOTOX Cosmetic® and Juvéderm®. Injectables are a nonsurgical facial contouring procedure that can help our features to improve slightly, moving us closer to the “ideal look” described above (although “ideal” is really a definition you should define for yourself).

Further facial contouring treatments, like those that revitalize sagging or drooping skin, such as a facelift, and treatments that reshape the features, such as fat transfer and rhinoplasty, can also help patients in enjoying a scientifically proven “perfect” face.




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