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Recovering From The Ear Pinning Procedure

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

Patients who are careful to follow all postoperative instructions drastically increase the likelihood of experiencing a quick and easy ear pinning recovery process. Dr. Fialkov will provide complete details to you before the surgery that, you should follow to facilitate your recovery.Guidelines For A Safe Pinnaplasty RecoveryYou should expect to have sore ears after the pinnaplasty procedure is finished. The level of discomfort is generally fairly mild, however, and can be effectively managed with the pain medication prescribed before surgery. If your ears become more painful at any time after the first few days after surgery, immediately contact Dr. Fialkov or your physician. Warning signs to look out for include the development of a fever or a significant amount of ear pain that your medication does not help relieve.

The head bandage provided to you should be worn exactly as instructed. It works to maintain pressure on the ears, keeping them in their new position and lessening the chance of developing blood clots. The head band cannot be removed during the time it must be worn (usually up to two weeks), except during showers or baths. Even after the bandage has been removed, patients are advised not to swim for at least four to six weeks.

Ear pinning patients should plan to stay home from work for a minimum of one week to ten days. For the first two days following surgery, you are likely to feel the lingering effects of the general anaesthetic administered during your surgery. These effects include a lack of coordination, poor concentration, and diminished motor skills. Needless to say, patients should not drive a car, operate any type of heavy machinery, sign important documents, or drink alcohol during this time. Dr. Fialkov will be able to provide a timeline for when it’s appropriate to return to other activities in your normal schedule.Understanding The RisksBefore deciding whether or not to undergo ear pinning, you should be willing to accept the possible risks involved with treatment. That said, ear pinning is extremely safe, predictable, and is routinely performed.

During the consultation process you should be sure to ask any questions you have regarding the procedure. This is the best time to express any of your concerns and to get the best possible idea of the level of aesthetic improvement you can expect. The kind of results possible through a pinnaplasty treatment may be worth the potential risks involved with undergoing surgery. This decision can only be made on a personal basis.

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