Giselle is a National Educator for a major skin care brand from Whitby, Ontario. She is a loving mom who is passionate fitness model who competes regularly despite the changes pregnancy and childbirth can make to a woman’s body. She specializes in training and developing her strength and agility, this made her an Elite Level fitness model.

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How Giselle Increased Her Confidence

Giselle got breast implants to help her achieve a more feminine body contour that she lost from her vigorous physical training as a fitness model.


Fitness models follow a strict diet and exercise regimen that is designed to reduce their body fat percentage to create muscles. Since the breasts are composed partially of fat, fitness models often experience a decrease in their breast size.

“It got to the point where I was becoming so insecure that I was quickly losing motivation to train, I started giving up on my aspirations.”

Giselle decided that she would get breast implants to improve her appearance, which would help her maintain the confidence and strength she needed to continue in her pursuit to becoming a top fitness model.

“I knew I owed it to myself to do this and to feel incredible. So I did… I won my first show, and continued on an excellent journey in fitness.”

Looking back, she does admit that she had reservations when she first considered getting breast augmentation. “I was a little nervous about the procedure being painful or uncomfortable, like most women. I was also really nervous about not being able to breastfeed if I had a baby.”

Some common questions many patients ask is whether breast augmentation will negatively impact the ability to breastfeed. A number of studies have shown that breast augmentation does not adversely affect breastfeeding.

“Well, I had a baby 11 months ago and I breastfed, no problems there at all. I was able to breastfeed my baby and after almost 7 years, they still look incredible!” Giselle

She has the confidence to pursue her dreams

Once Giselle decided to get implants, she began the arduous process of finding the right plastic surgeon. “Do your research. Find out about your MD before having the surgery because this is a big step.”

Giselle decided that Dr. Edelstein would be the right plastic surgeon for her. “Dr. Edelstein was so professional and gave his honest advice on what would look good based on your shape.”

After her surgery was complete, Giselle was surprised at how different the experience was compared to what she had originally thought. “It was actually A LOT less painful than I expected. Dr. Edelstein prepared me for what I was to expect, how to take care of myself and more or less what I would experience during healing time.”

Her recovery was easy,“Recovery was a breeze! One of the biggest pieces of advice I tell friends or colleagues undergoing the procedure is to really listen to your MD about post-procedure care. That avoids any surprises and/or problems. After the surgery, once the swelling went down and I was able to wear a bikini – wow, it was an incredible feeling that I will always remember. Dr. Edelstein was absolutely perfect! Everyone always comments on how natural my breasts look and that’s exactly what I wanted.”

Since her breast augmentation, her life has improved. “My quality of life has changed because I am SO much more confident in my own skin, I am able to wear whatever I like and feel good in just about anything. I don’t need to hide or be ashamed. Also, I have been able to pursue my dreams and aspirations in the fitness industry. I am so happy. It hasn’t set me back in anyway and I’ve had no restrictions.”

Giselle won her first fitness competition. Her biggest fitness idol handed the trophy to her.“It was an incredible moment. I felt like I was on top of the world!”

Giselle-Breast Augmentation

“I decided to have cosmetic surgery because I wanted to get into fitness competitions and maintain a feminine look. As soon as I started training, the first place I would lose (fat) would be my breasts.”

For most women, getting breast implants isn’t just about a bigger bra size, but it’s about the improvement of their confidence.

“I see life differently when I’m confident. I feel I can take on anything. Also, when you are happy with yourself and how you look and feel, you automatically have a more positive outlook on life, interactions with people and your perspectives. You enjoy things more. When I am confident, I feel at my best!”

After Giselle’s experience with breast augmentation, she has this advice for you.

“If cosmetic enhancement is what is going to genuinely make you happy, you shouldn’t think twice. You only get one shot at life and if an alteration can make you happier and enjoy a better quality of life, why wouldn’t you do it?!”

Giselle said would do it all over again if, given the chance,

“In a heartbeat. You know, this procedure really enabled me to feel confident in myself and in my own skin. There is nothing wrong with tweaking little aspects of yourself or your life, if they make you happy. I have been able to pursue and ultimately succeed in a path I was ready to give up on. I have the career of my dreams, and speak in front of crowds with no insecurities… I feel so happy and so thrilled to have had the opportunity to have this procedure. It’s really changed my life!”

With that type of positivity and enthusiasm, we’re sure to see more of Giselle in the limelight.

“I aspire to be on the cover of Oxygen Magazine one day, and be recognized as a role model in the fitness industry. I love to inspire people to do the same and share my knowledge as much as I can.”

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