Lana was born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario. She is a TV host, producer and writer. Her “can do” attitude and beauty have made her one of the most popular host on the US-based channel, HD Net.

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How Lana Increased Her Confidence

Even before becoming a TV host, Lana wanted to improve her appearance with cosmetic surgery.


The “void” as Lana puts it, is the lack of her bust line. She wanted to enhance her body with breast augmentation. And although over 290,000 procedures were performed in North America in 2013, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Lana was still apprehensive about her surgery.

“As many men and women are, I too was quite nervous about going under the knife.”

It’s common for patients to feel nervous, as all types of surgery are related to risks and complications (even though they may be rare). That’s why we recommend our patients to do some research to ensure you understand the related risks and that you’ve selected the most suitable surgeon for you.

“Sometimes there’s that one thing we all wish we had. For me, it [cosmetic surgery] helped fulfill that void I felt was missing.”

She now feels sexier than ever

Once Lana was sure she had made the right choice, she scheduled the procedure.

After waking up, she says, “Looking down at my chest was so gratifying. I remember my sisters standing at the end of the hospital bed holding a Victoria Secret gift bag that carried a 32C bra and matching panties. The smirk on my face said it all.”

Not only did she experienced a level of improvement in her appearance but most importantly, her confidence.

“Feeling sexy is a great feeling. Whether I’m covered up in a large sweater, or frolicking in a bikini, I exude a ray of confidence that enhances my overall aura. It’s actually contagious, so I’ve been told, and that’s priceless. What woman doesn’t want that?”

She experienced an unexpected benefit–not having to buy “crazy” padded bras anymore.

Despite the positive outcome, Lana states that her surgery as being more painful than she expected. “I’d recommend having a friend stay with you for the first 2 days that you are out of surgery. Simple things like opening doors become a task and a half.”

But she doesn’t regret undergoing breast augmentation despite the pain.
We asked, if she could have changed one thing about her surgery, what would it have been? “I would have done it earlier.” – Lana replies.

If you’re thinking of undergoing any type of cosmetic surgical procedure, Lana’s advice is, – “Make sure you are 100% sure that it’s what you want, and that it’s not a shoddy job. Go with the best doctor and get the best results.”

Lana-Breast Augmentation

“My search to find the best doctor was extensive as I wasn’t about to settle for anything less than perfect. I’ve met with many doctors prior to my surgery, and after meeting Dr. Edelstein, it was a given. When I read Dr. Edelstein’s biography, it mentioned that he has countless certifications in Plastic Surgery, is one of a handful of doctors in all of Canada that specializes in the particular method of breast augmentation I desired, and he continues to take courses to ensure he is at his best. ‘Sold!’ From that moment, all I had left to do was book the consult and the surgery date.”Lana

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