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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

What could be easier than zapping hair away? Laser hair removal is a simple and effective way to get rid of unwanted hair, and it’s become so popular that medical device manufacturers are scrambling to create the most advanced technology out there. That’s why there are many different types of lasers now available for patients, leaving you the difficult task of figuring out which one is the best for you.

While we don’t believe in depriving you of your options, we do believe in providing you with the best option available, based on our professional medical opinion.

Petra, our Master Aesthetician, has used a number of laser hair removal technologies throughout her career spanning over a decade. She has been certified by the manufacturers of a diverse array of hair removal devices, and, in fact, also teaches other medical aestheticians and doctors on the topic. Coupled with testing, we have discovered that only one type of laser consistently achieves great results: elōs eMax.


elōs stands for electro-optical synergy, a revolutionary technology that has set new, higher standards in aesthetic medicine. While other laser hair removal technologies rely on a single type of energy, elōs combines optical and radio frequency (RF) energy for therapeutic purposes. A targeted hair follicle is first heated with optical energy, “prepping” it so that the delivery of RF energy immediately following is optimally absorbed by the follicle, leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. With efficient energy delivery, the complete follicle succumbs and is effectively destroyed, so completely that it cannot recover (as is the usual case with other technologies).

What Makes elōs eMax Better

Any type of hair can be eliminated, including traditionally difficult types such as fine, blond and gray.

It works on any type of skin colour.

The risk of burns, scars and irregular pigmentation is exponentially lower than other types of technologies.

While you destroy unwanted hair follicles, you can also enjoy the added benefit of smoother, more vibrant skin – the technology boosts collagen and elastin production!

Your session is faster because the device can treat larger spots on your body, making it more convenient for areas like your back and legs.

Our Master Aesthetician has used several different types of laser hair removal devices, but because of its safety and effectiveness, the elōs eMax is preferred.

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