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What Do People Most Look For When Looking For Plastic Surgery in Toronto?

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

Your search for the best plastic surgeon in Toronto might have lead you to think about what most people tend to look for when considering working with a cosmetic surgeon. These things are usually fairly similar—you would do well to seek out a plastic surgeon with experience, certifications, and who offers you an excellent line of communication.

All three of these components are what make for a top plastic surgeon in Toronto that’s worth your consideration. Additionally, you may also wish to find out how much assistance the doctor will be able to give you with your insurance paperwork, if applicable. Many of the offices which provide the best plastic surgery in Toronto will handle most or all of the heavy lifting as far as your insurance is concerned, which can make your life much easier.

This is perhaps a secondary consideration for many, but it deserves your concerns as well: You should like the plastic surgeon—this is a person that will presumably be operating on you, so the two of you should mesh. Before any plastic surgery, you’ll have ample opportunity to consult with and get to know the team of medical professionals that you’re be working with.

Breadth and Depth of Experience

One of the first questions you should ask a plastic surgeon before working with them is this: “How many similar surgeries to the one we’re discussing today have you performed?” Ideally, if you’re looking for the best plastic surgery in Toronto, the surgeon should tell you that they’ve been performing the procedure that you’re looking to get for many years and for hundreds of patients. As we’ll explore next, working with a certified plastic surgeon is a very good idea, but the best possible outcome for your aesthetic goals is likely to come from working with a plastic surgeon who has a great deal of experience.

The Importance of Certifications and References

A strong set of educational qualifications and certifications are very important. These are documents that your plastic surgeon should be able to produce for you at a moment’s notice—if the surgeon you’re considering can’t or won’t show you their qualifications, they’re far from being the best plastic surgeon in Toronto and you should immediately seek out someone else. A great plastic surgeon will also be able to provide you with a list of references, ideally from patients who have received the same kind of cosmetic surgery that you’re considering.

Nothing Less Than Excellent Communication

Every patient’s anatomy is unique—this means that no two plastic surgery operations are ever the same. You likely have unique aesthetic goals that you’d like to achieve as well. Working with a plastic surgeon who can offer you a strong line of communication, understanding, and comprehension is extremely important for both of these reasons. A doctor must know not only your unique physical needs, but your goals as well.

By consulting with your plastic surgeon—perhaps quite a lot before you undergo any kind of surgery—you’ll both have a much better idea of what to expect for the coming procedure. The plastic surgeon may help you realize more reasonable goals, and you might gain a better understanding of what is and what isn’t possible through plastic surgery. The best plastic surgeons will always be willing to answer all of your questions (remember, there are no foolish questions when it comes to your health and your appearance) and make you feel completely at ease when speaking to them. Plastic surgery shouldn’t be undergone lightly, so you should only consider becoming a patient of a doctor who takes your thoughts and needs seriously.

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