Aftercare Instructions After Your Lip Augmentation Procedure

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that increases the volume and improves the shape of thin lips, in order to enhance their appearance. This relatively quick procedure, which uses injectable dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid to make a number of small injections in the target areas, has immediate results. However, a couple of days are required for recovery before you can fully enjoy your new, plump lips.

In order to attain the best possible results, it is important to follow all aftercare instructions provided by your doctor. The following is a guideline of what you can expect throughout the healing process.

For the first two days, these special care instructions and tips will help you experience a positive recovery and encourage optimal results from the lip enhancement.

  • Apply ice packs wrapped with fabric or tissue to your lips to help reduce swelling
  • Using a cotton bud, apply a healing balm regularly to help your lips recover
  • Use a gentle facial cleanser as part of your skin routine for the first week
  • Make sure to clean the lips twice daily using damp cotton pads
  • When brushing teeth, apply Vaseline to the lips to prevent them from getting wet. Carefully  remove the Vaseline after brushing
  • If the lips get wet, simply dry the area with a clean tissue
  • Avoid applying makeup on or close to the lips area
  • Avoid consuming any spicy or salty foods and drink liquids through a straw
  • Avoid kissing to prevent risk of infection
  • Absolutely do not pick, peel or rub the lip area as this can lead to uneven healing, scarring, and infection

For the first four days after the lip augmentation procedure, you may experience some symptoms such as:

  • Swelling and redness
  • Tenderness around the lips
  • Flaking and mild itchiness as the lips are healing
  • Dry skin which may linger for up to three weeks

All these symptoms are normal and are a part of the healthy healing process.

The approximate recovery period is two weeks; during this time, it is important to be sure your enhanced lips are not exposed to direct sun, tanning treatments, saunas, salt water, chlorinated pools or direct water streams. It is also best to avoid bleaching, waxing or laser hair removal close to the tender area as this may interfere with the healing process, causing an undesirable result.

Although lip fillers are a temporary solution to thin lips, caring for your enhanced lips will help the results last longer. Apply sunscreen diligently and notify your cosmetic technician before undergoing any other treatment that affects the lip area.

If you are interested in lip augmentation and have questions regarding the care required for proper recovery, please schedule a consultation with our clinical team at the Edelstein Clinic in order to discuss the procedure and recovery process in further detail.




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