How Long to See Results From Liposuction

If you plan on having liposuction performed, you are probably curious as to how long it will take to see results from the procedure. While it would be nice to see immediate results, it is not going to happen and you must be patient while you wait for them.

Once all of the swelling has gone down from the initial recovery period, you will begin to see your results and you will notice that your body looks different.

Often, people go into the procedure thinking that they will wake up and be skinny. This is not a good mindset to have, as you do not want to be disappointed when you do see yourself right after.

One positive thing about liposuction is that the results you do receive will remain as long as you take care of yourself and do not have any huge fluctuations in weight.

So, How Long Will It REALLY Take To See My Results?

Most patients begin to see the results they want within one to three months after the procedure has been completed. Of course, it may take a bit more time depending on several factors including your health, heal time, and whether or not you smoke.

One of the most important things you can do to help you achieve results faster is to prevent swelling and wear your compression garment as directed. Swelling is the main reason why people do not see results within the above timeframe.

When you do wear your compression garment, you help to reduce the swelling and push out the additional fluid from your tissues. The garment itself will fit snugly around you. If you choose not to wear the garment, you may not get the results you desire and it can lead to disproportionate results and additional swelling.

Tips to Help You Heal Quickly

Remember, it takes time to heal and if you rush the process, you may not be happy with the results that you receive.

  1. One of the first things you need to do is eat healthy and maintain your weight. Eating unhealthy foods can cause the heal time to be lengthened and if you gain weight, your results will be skewed.
  2. Next, you should stop smoking and drinking as this also delays the heal time and makes it harder for your body to prevent infection.
  3. Thirdly, you should walk around to prevent swelling in your legs and to prevent blood clots that may form with prolonged sitting.
  4. Lastly, always take your prescribed medication and use ice packs to prevent pain and swelling at the incision site.

Liposuction is a great way to remove stubborn fatty deposits from your body and you will love the results you see. To achieve maximum results, you should follow the tips above and understand that your body needs time to heal.

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