Laser-Assisted (Smartlipo) Vs Ultrasonic Liposuction

WHAT IS SMARTLIPO LASER LIPOSUCTION?SmartLipo is the brand name of a laser-assisted liposuction device, sometimes referred to as Smart Liposuction. Available since 2006, the SmartLipo device emits high energy waves to unwanted fat, liquefying it to allow for easier removal with a cannula. All laser assisted liposuction, regardless of the brand name, is fairly new to the cosmetic surgery field.

What is Ultrasonic Liposuction?

Ultrasonic liposuction treats patients using ultrasonic waves (rather than laser energy). The application of these waves breaks up fat cells to provide similar effects. The fat is then removed from the body using a cannula.

SmartLipo Laser Assisted Liposuction vs. Ultrasonic Liposuction

Both SmartLipo and ultrasonic liposuction can be used to remove fat from the same areas of the body (usually the thighs, hips, abdomen and buttocks). Each treatment involves the creation of similar incisions because overall, the procedure is performed in a similar way. Regardless of whether a patient undergoes SmartLipo or the ultrasonic method, unwanted fat cells are broken up and removed in the same manner. Bruising and swelling occur as common side effects of both techniques.

SmartLipo has been marketed as having the ability to tighten the skin in a treated area, however this has not been proven by either the companies that sell the device or the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Since traditional liposuction techniques do little to improve skin tightness, patients shouldn’t expect to see this benefit as part of their treatment results.

Ultrasonic is Preferred Over Liposuction With Laser

Edelstein Cosmetic offers ultrasonic liposuction to patients because the technology is better able to successfully treat areas of the body where fat is usually more difficult to remove (on the back, the male breast or love handles) or where liposuction has previously been performed. As well, ultrasonic liposuction is able to remove larger amounts of fat in a shorter period of time, and is generally considered to be more powerful than SmartLipo laser liposuction.

We have also applied ultrasonic energy to the undersurface of the skin to stimulate skin tightening in properly selected patients for the procedure of liposuction!




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