Liposuction And Pregnancy

Are you unsure of whether or not to go ahead with liposuction before or after your pregnancy? Take note of a few important points before deciding on the best time to schedule your surgery.


There are a number of reasons why a woman may choose to undergo liposuction before a planned pregnancy, but fear shouldn’t stand in their way. When the procedure is performed by a skilled and reputable surgeon there is no reason to expect a risky or unsafe pregnancy.

Some women may believe that they should wait until delivering their baby before planning on liposuction because of the weight gain associated with having a child. While putting on weight during pregnancy should be expected, the procedure involves the removal of fat cells that cannot be replaced. The loss of these fat cells means that, in lieu of significant bodily changes and weight gain, it will be easier to regain the body’s pre-natal contours through exercise and a healthy diet.

The most important precaution that women planning to receive pre-pregnancy liposuction should take is to be diligent with contraception. Liposuction will not be performed if you are pregnant as it is unsafe and can lead to unnecessary health complications.


Even celebrities like Kendra Wilkinson have said that they plan to “100 percent have lipo after my second baby.” Wilkinson, like many women, reports “dieting all the time” and “exercising more than ever” without being able to “get my body to where it used to be.” For her and many others, liposuction provides the best possible method for springing back from the changes brought on by pregnancy.

Many women prefer to wait to undergo surgery until after their pregnancy, seeking the removal of fat pockets (often located in the abdomen) that fail to respond to diet or exercise. Other common post-pregnancy problems that can be improved with liposuction include a loss of waistline definition and hanging fat around the area of a C-section scar.

Before moving ahead with the procedure, though, you should be sure that you have fully recovered from pregnancy. We usually recommend waiting a minimum of six months after delivery before scheduling liposuction in order to give the body enough time to completely heal. Women with young children should also make child care preparations prior to surgery since treatment requires a week or two of recovery before normal activities can be resumed.

Once the body has healed after childbirth, we are able to restore pre-pregnancy contours through the removal of stubborn fat pockets located around the stomach, waist, hips, buttocks and thighs with liposuction. Treating these areas allows women to return to a more desirable shape and smoother body contours.

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