Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL)

Power assisted liposuction is a surgical technique that applies small, rapidly vibrating suction tubes to loosen fat cells. It is used in conjunction with the administration of tumescent fluid (a mixture of saline, adrenaline and local anaesthetic) to reduce surrounding tissue trauma, minimize patient bruising and make fat removal easier.

The efficacy of PAL makes for shorter operations, faster patient recovery times and better results.

Easier fat removal also allows us to use extremely accurate and small cannulae (power-assisted surgical “wands”) that require smaller incisions. These cannulae range from 2 – 5 millimetres in diameter and are less invasive than their larger counterparts. PAL can provide better skin contours and improved skin retraction. The above factors all help contribute to the reputation power assisted liposuction has earned for exceptional results and high patient safety.

PAL can reduce localized fat deposits across the face and body:


chin and neck



upper arms


waist and hips


thighs and inner knees



Power assisted liposuction can be performed either by itself or in combination with other body contouring procedures such as abdominoplasty, breast reduction or a facelift.

While an immediate improvement may be apparent right after the procedure, body contours will further improve in the weeks and month afterward. We provide patients with an elastic bandage or compression garment that covers the treatment site and aids in recovery. Wound care, medication prescriptions and follow-up appointments will all be discussed before and/or after the liposuction procedure.

By maintaining a healthy diet and exercise plan, power assisted liposuction can lead to permanent results. Gaining a significant amount of weight following recovery can reduce the improvements gained, however.THE UNIQUE BENEFITS OF POWER ASSISTED LIPOSUCTION IN ONTARIOA recent study, conducted over 13 years and using a sample group of 547 patients seeking liposuction treatment of 13 different areas of the body, found that 85% of these patients reported satisfaction with the results of their power assisted liposuction. The same research also asked the group to measure their level of surgical pain, marking it on a 0 to 10 scale. These patients reported pain on a level of only 1-4 during surgery and 1-3 on the second or third days of treatment recovery.

PAL has been developed with complete patient satisfaction and surgical versatility in mind. The technique uses highly advanced technology that accomplishes excellent results. The cannula used in power assisted liposuction creates a short incision and has a shape that allows us to remove fatty tissue without leaving behind fat particles that result in uneven contours or scarring in traditional techniques. Less force is required in moving the device as well, providing us with a tool suitable for fat removal in typically difficult-to-treat areas like the jaw line, face and neck. Because the cannula automatically moves toward the path of least resistance, we are better able to treat patients without accidentally touching delicate connective or neurovascular tissues. This leads to less bleeding and a reduction in post-surgical pain/swelling.




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