Tips For Before & After Your Mommy Makeover in Toronto

If you’re planning to rejuvenate your body with a mommy makeover in Toronto, you’ll want to get your hands on as many tips and tricks as you can for a smooth recovery.  Your plastic surgeon will provide you with essential instructions and let you know what you can’t do once you go home to recover. Here, we’ve compiled a list of things that you can do to make the experience less challenging and stress-free. Fill prescriptions before your procedure so that you have everything ready when you get home.

Stock up on the essentials too. After a mommy makeover in Toronto, you won’t be able to drive for at least a week, and you can’t lift or carry anything heavy. Running errands the week before will allow you to relax and rest as much as you need. Light, healthy meals, snacks and magazines are nice to have handy near the bed or couch.Prepare your space for comfortable and convenient rest. You’ll need to sleep slightly bent at the waist and with head elevated for a week or two, so have plenty of firm cushions on hand for support. You can also raise the entire head of the bed a little.Get help with housework and meal prep. Some people hire a housekeeper, dog-walker or extra childcare. Whatever you need to get done such as cleaning or other tasks, ask yourself if it can wait, or if someone else can do it.Keep people around. Not everyone feels social while they’re physically uncomfortable, but healing from cosmetic surgery in isolation can feel more emotionally draining. Get out in the sunshine, meet a friend for coffee or have family come stay with you so when things get tough you can share how you feel and receive encouragement.Follow instructions about activity restriction. It’s essential that you not strain yourself. Even if you feel great and want to do a little gardening, sneak in a light workout, or pick up a home decorating project, your body needs rest to recover well, and overexertion can set you back.Wear the compression garment. Some people love it, others can’t wait to get it off, but your binder or compression garment is critical to mommy makeover results. It helps push excess fluid out of the area and conform your tissue to its new shape.Keep your follow up appointments. Your plastic surgeon needs to see you after surgery for a few reasons. They’ll look at your incisions to make sure they’re healing optimally. They’ll remove drains if you have them, and any sutures that need to come out. They’ll assess your swelling and bruising to ensure it’s all normal. They’ll ask and answer questions to make sure that you aren’t in unnecessary pain and you understand important instructions. They’ll want to review their handiwork and cheer you on too!If you have questions about a mommy makeover in Toronto, please contact the expert team at Edelstein Cosmetic.




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