Toronto Mommy Makeover: The Pros and Cons

Planning a mommy makeover in Toronto to restore your shape is a big deal. It can be utterly transformative and exhilarating, but also carries serious considerations and requires thoughtful planning. It’s helpful to know the pros and cons of any cosmetic procedure before you move ahead with booking your own.

We believe that fully informed patients make great decisions they feel confident in, and their realistic expectations result in higher patient satisfaction. The mommy makeover is incredibly popular for good reasons, but it’s no minor surgery. Here we’ll take an honest look at the upsides and downsides of the post-baby body makeover.

OK, let’s start with the downside:

Time investment

More surgical procedures mean not only longer OR time, but your recovery will be longer. Operating on multiple body areas can mean that you’re moving slow and not back to your usual self for some weeks. Pre-operative preparation also takes time, and you’ll likely meet with your surgeon at least once or twice during planning. After the procedure, you’ll need to come in for a few check-ups and depending on your regular job; you may need to book vacation time or work from home.

It can be tough for busy people with active families and careers to have “down time” for a week, let alone 2 or 3. However, many patients with tight schedules say that they’d rather disrupt everything just once, rather than multiple times for separate surgeries.

Higher payment

Though overall, you’ll likely pay a bit less for your procedures when combining them, the surgical quote for your Toronto mommy makeover will be significant. Most plastic surgeons offer medical financing assistance which can offset the expense somewhat.

High-quality surgical expertise and safety are well worth their increased price so try to keep that in mind when considering long term value.


Dramatic transformation

Your plastic surgeon can, in one combo-procedure, completely reshape your figure. The dramatic changes possible through a mommy makeover are the leading factor for its popularity. Many people don’t like to wait for the improvements they’re dreaming of. If you could remove excess skin on your belly, slim your waist, lift your breasts and increase your cleavage all at once, why would you wait? For many women, the transformation is life-changing.


As mentioned above, the flipside of going through all your surgical recovery at once and booking extra time off is that once it’s done, it’s done. The emotional and physical benefits of a mommy makeover in Toronto can be immense for any woman, but the time away from playing with kids, recreation, working out, and career while healing, isn’t something they want to repeat. Disrupting your life can take a little extra planning, help from friends and family, but taking steps to feel confident and positive about your body will benefit you and others in your life for years to come.

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