A List of Top Benefits of Rhinoplasty

There is no denying that Rhinoplasty can be a very beneficial procedure for many people. It’s one of the most common types of plastic surgeries performed in the world today. Some of the top cosmetic surgeons in the world, including the award-winning Edelstein Cosmetic team, can be found right here in Toronto, Canada.

If you or someone you love is debating whether to have a Rhinoplasty procedure, here are some of the benefits it offers:

More self-confidence

Perhaps the most common reason why many people are interested in having nose surgery is because they don’t like the way their nose looks. Having it straightened, reshaped or resized can really give someone a boost of confidence in their appearance.

Facial balance

Since the nose is right in the middle of the face, it’s perhaps the most prominent facial feature. It’s one of the first things people notice about one another. If it is not shaped properly, or too large or too small, the rest of the face can appear out of balance.

No more snoring

Rhinoplasty can actually stop snoring as well as other sleep problems, such as apnea  if a patient is suffering from nasal airfloe blockage.

Correcting birth defects

Birth deformities, such as cleft lip nose deformity, can be fixed with Rhinoplasty. Some medical insurance covers nasal reconstructive surgery if it can be proven that the deformity causes breathing problems.

Fixing noses that have been broken or injured

Broken noses are common sports and accident related injuries. When the damage done to it is noticeable, nose surgery is often considered. With a good surgeon, it can be reshaped and re-positioned to its original form.

Correcting breathing problems

There could be a number of reasons why it becomes difficult to breathe out of your nose. Typically, it’s a cause of a deviated septum or some type of obstruction. When something is out of alignment, breathing out of the nose can become a problem. Rhinoplasty can realign the nose and make it easy to breathe again.

Less bullying

Some people can be very insensitive. While it’s mostly teens who experience bullying from other teens for having a less-than-perfect nose, some adults can say hurtful things as well. As many 75% of teens who seek plastic surgery request a certain procedure because they are teased about this particular feature.

Younger appearance

The shape and size of the nose change as we age. It can appear larger and more droopy as we get older. Rhinoplasty can be a great means of restoring a more youthful appearance, It can actually have an anti-aging effect.

Enhanced career

For many professional, physical appearance plays a role in their workplace – particularly in the entertainment and business industries. Attractiveness correlate to self-confidence, and self-confidence affects how one is perceived by others. Having an attractive nose can be beneficial for career women and men both.




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