How Much Does a Beautiful Nose Cost? What Financing Options Are Available?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that can resize or reshape any part of the nose. When done by a skilled surgeon, it is safe and customized to preserve your ethnic heritage. Like any cosmetic procedure, many people are concerned about pricing and financing. It can be a costly procedure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t afford it. There are financing options available in Toronto.

Nose Job Pricing

Rhinoplasty can cost up to $15,000, depending on the surgeon’s reputation, level of experience, the complexity of the surgery, location, and so on. Generally an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will have a price range of $8,000 – $9,000 in the Greater Toronto Area. You should ensure that the policy for any revisions is stated at the beginning. Rhinoplasty surgeons may or may not charge additional surgical fees for revision work, This should be made clear prior to undergoing rhinoplasty surgery. In general, those rhinoplasty surgeons with low revision rates tend not to charge additional surgical fees for revisions, however, patients may still have to incur anaesthetic or facility fees if they apply.

Rhinoplasty is the most complex operation in reconstructive or cosmetic surgery. It takes a lot of skill and technical know-how to perform the operation correctly and safely. With this procedure, price should NOT be the deciding factor.

To get a sense of the surgeons experience, skill and confidence in achieving your expectations, ask to see photographs of their previous work.  Before and after photos are a good means of gaining confidence in your surgeons skill as well as ensuring that your expectations are realistic.

Insurance Coverage

Private insurance plans typically don’t cover any type of cosmetic surgery. However, the Ministry of Health may actually cover a small portion of the procedure if it is done for functional airway problems, in other words, to improve your breathing .  If your Nose surgery is purely functional, without any cosmetic portion, it may be entirely covered by the Ministry of Health. Please discuss this with your rhinoplasty surgeon during your consultation.

Rhinoplasty Financing

With some cosmetic surgery centers, financing can be arranged. The finance plan will allow you to make payments of typically $200 or less each month.

If you’re turned down for such financing options, or they are simply not available to you, many facilities such as Edelstein Cosmetic will accept major credit cards for rhinoplasty surgery.

Ensure that you know all costs of rhinoplasty surgery prior to booking your surgery.  Reputable surgeons and surgical practices will give you all costs up front and specify that there are no additional fees, or if there are certain costs that are not included.




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