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Important Rhinoplasty Facts You Should Know

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery, as well as the most difficult. Poor surgical technique can lead to deformity. Because it is such an unforgiving procedure, requiring the utmost in precision and skill, It’s not uncommon for many people to seek a secondary procedure after feeling disappointed with the first. Choose your surgeon wisely if you want to ensure the best outcome the first time. The ideal surgeon should not only have technical expertise, experience and a good bedside manner, but an aesthetic sense as well.

If you are interested in Rhinoplasty, here are some facts that you should know ahead of time:

A nose job isn’t just about appearance

It should not be assumed that everyone seeking a nose job is doing so for cosmetic reasons. It should also be assumed that a cosmetic rhinoplasty is going to at least preserve your good breathing if not improve your poor breathing.  Discuss this with your surgeon during the consultation.  Ensure that he or she has the technical know how to preserve or improve the passage of air through your nose while still making it narrower or smaller. Of course some people genuinely need Rhinoplasty for health reasons. It  can provide a better functioning nose in addition to a nicer looking one. It can help make nasal breathing easier and relieve discomfort associated with sinus problems.

There is no “one-size fits all”

The definition of a “perfect nose” is simply one that appears as natural and symmetrical as possible on the face.  Even though you might like a specific shape or size of nose, that doesn’t necessarily mean that that shape and size will look good on you. A good surgeon will help you understand the limitations of surgery and the ideal nose shape and size that will achieve a natural and attractive appearance on your face. The ideal nose should blend in to your face naturally, not stand out.

In general, nasal surgery is safe

It has never been safer to get a nose job than it is right now. Today’s Rhinoplasty techniques and technology are more predictable, accurate, and effective than ever before. While there is always the possibility of a complication, these are extremely rare. Problems such as an allergic reaction or infection are very rare, and most of them can be treated effectively.

Final results can take up to a year to show

The recovery period for nasal surgery can last for a few weeks, after which most of the swelling will disappear. However, some of it may last for up to a year depending on the patient. For this reason, in the rare instance that something does not meet the patients expectations, It’s best to wait for a whole year to determine whether or not the result is satisfactory, or if a revision should be considered.  Your surgeon should be able to guide you through this process to make a final determination as to wether a revision is necessary or not.

Rhinoplasty is more common than you might think

After breast augmentation, nose reshaping surgery is the second most popular cosmetic surgical procedure. Hundreds of thousands of men and women over the age of 18 get a nose job in the US and Canada every single year.

Filler injections are not necessarily safer

Don’t think that a non-surgical solution will be safer. Filler injections can actually be more risky than the Rhinoplasty procedure itself. The injections carry a risk of affecting the arteries located near your eyes and can potentially lead to blindness.  Furthermore, it is virtually impossible to achieve the degree of change and aesthetic improvement  that can be achieved with surgery using fillers.

There is minimal or no scarring with nasal surgery

Unlike some other cosmetic surgery procedures, there are no external scars with a closed Rhinoplasty surgery. With an open Rhinoplasty procedure, there may be a tiny, virtually invisible scar between nostrils.

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