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Reasons to Patients want to have Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery in Toronto

If you are contemplating whether or not to have a rhinoplasty performed, it is important for you consider the specific reasons to have it done. Many patients find that they toss around the idea, but never actually make a decision. The best means of deciding whether a rhinoplasty is the right operation for you is to consider the risks versus the benefits in consultation with a qualified Plastic Surgeon.  Below, are some reasons why you might want to get a nose job done in Toronto.

You’ve broken your nose

When an accident does occur and your nose is injured, it may not heal correctly and you may be left with a crooked or misshapen nose. Rhinoplasty can help fix most problems that arise from a broken or injured nose.  Straightening the nose, improving breathing and removing a bump that arose as a result of an injury to the nose, are outcomes that are very achievable with rhinoplasty. As a result, patients seeking rhinoplasty for problems that resulted from injuring their nose have a high rate of satisfaction following rhinoplasty.

You Don’t Like Your Nose

The most common reason for rhinoplasty is simply not being happy with the shape, size, length or lack of symmetry of your nose. Often, patients feel their nose does not “suit their face” becuase of size or shape.  One of the primary goals of rhinoplasty, in this regard, is to reshape the nose to make it more harmonious with the rest of the patient’s face.  For instance, someone with a narrow face may have a large wide nose that would look better suited if it were made smaller and narrower with more tip refinement or definition.

A more harmonious, better defined nose can result in less self concsiousness and more self-confidence. A qualified and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will always aim for that harmonious natural appearance, while at least maintaining if not improving the patients nasal breathing.

Medical Reasons

If you have difficulty breathing through your nose, you may be referred to for a rhinoplasty procedure. This type of rhinoplasty may beneficial for those who suffer from constant sinus infections, snoring, and breathing issues brought on by nasal airflow obstruction, an example of one of the causes of this type of obstruction being a deviated septum.

The procedure can correct the problem and patients may no longer experience breathing issues. It is important to note that the nose continues to grow and adjust in shape until a patient reaches the age of 18. Therefore, therefore,  rhinoplasty is generally not performed on patients younger than 18.

Breathing Issues

Rhinoplasty is also performed on patients who have problems with their breathing due to the shape or size of their nose. In instances where a patient has trouble breathing, the procedure is usually medically needed to help open up the air passages again and allow them to breathe.

If you are contemplating rhinoplasty, it is important to sit down and think about what you want to get out of the procedure. Do you want a smaller nose? Do you think your nose is crooked and needs to be straightened?

Your reasoning for wanting a rhinoplasty may be different than someone else, but it does not make your case any less important. If you are ready to discuss rhinoplasty and how it can benefit you, call the experienced plastic surgeons at Edelstein Cosmetic now.

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