Toronto Rhinoplasty Surgeon for Your Nose Job Surgery

You may be excited about having rhinoplasty performed, but before you get too excited, make sure that you are fully prepared. One of the toughest decisions you need to make lies ahead and that is – to choose the right Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon for your nose job.

Although it may sound like an easy task, choosing a surgeon is quite difficult and will take some research. To avoid unnecessary procedures and an unpleasant experience, it pays to just do your research now and find the right surgeon for the job.

Below, we will go over some things you need to consider as you look for the right surgeon to help you get the nose you want!

How much experience does the surgeon have?

Rhinoplasty is not a basic or simple procedure, so it is important that you look for a surgeon who has many years of experience. It also helps to choose a surgeon who has performed multiple cases that are similar to yours. The more experience a surgeon has, the better results you will have. In addition, you will have the peace of mind you need when you go into the surgery. Ensure that your surgeon is a qualified fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada and a member of the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons and of The Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Is the facility certified?

When you are looking for a surgeon, make sure that the facility they perform their surgeries at is certified as well. It helps to know that you are somewhere that can handle your situation should something happen or occur throughout the procedure.

If you need to check on a certification, you can directly call the facility and ask about the plastic surgeons certification there.

Look Over Reviews

You never want to blindly take the word of a surgeon without looking at his or her reviews and checking into what they tell you. Anyone can tell you what you want to hear, so it is vital that you do some digging to learn more about what other patients say. You should consider both word of mouth reviews and online reviews when making your decision.

Ask to See Examples of Their Work

Many plastic surgeons have photographs of patients showing the work they have performed and yours should too. When you have a consultation with your local Toronto plastic surgeon, ask to see his or her before and after photos. You will be able to see some of the results that other patients have received and you will also be able to see if he or she displays any rhinoplasty procedures. If you notice that rhinoplasty procedures are missing, ask if the surgeon has patient photos  of them or consider that the surgeon may not be as experienced as they led you to believe.

When choosing a plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty, you need to make sure you are choosing the right one. You and your surgeon should share the same view and expectations for your procedure. If you are ready to discuss rhinoplasty, call the professionals at Edelstein Cosmetic today.




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