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6 Things Not To Do After Your Tummy Tuck in Toronto

Many Toronto tummy tuck patients wonder what limitations they’ll face during recovery. The good news is these constraints are only temporary, while the results of midsection sculpting are long-lasting. If followed completely, these restrictions can actually work as positive choices for you to heal as quickly and comfortably as possible. Don’t:


If you quit smoking before your abdominoplasty, it’s vital that you not resume this habit for a minimum of 4 weeks and even longer if possible. Everyone is aware that smoking is bad for your health, but when you’re recovering from surgery, the real danger comes from nicotine. Nicotine restricts your smallest blood vessels and can cause complications and delays in healing around the incision area. Many Toronto tummy tuck patients take this procedure as a milestone to stop smoking altogether.

Go Tanning

It’s understandable you’re excited to flaunt your beautiful new contour at the beach, and you want the tan to go with it. However, exposing your scars to sunlight or tanning beds too soon after surgery can result in darkened scars. During the first weeks after your procedure, you’ll want to keep your incision wholly protected from the sun under clothing. Your surgeon will work with you to ensure that your scar can be easily hidden under most clothing, but even so, it will be best to avoid laying out in the sun or using a tanning bed until your skin has completely healed. By following your surgeon’s after-care instructions and protecting your incision from the sun, you may find that your scars heal so well they are barely noticeable.

Resume Exercise Too Soon

As you recover from your Toronto tummy tuck, you may be eager to get back to the gym so that you can maintain your new physique. There is no need to be anxious about resuming any form of workout before 3 weeks have passed. In fact, it’s safest to avoid lifting anything over 10 pounds for 6 weeks following your midsection sculpting to ensure the area has sufficient time to heal and to avoid risking complications. Your surgeon may permit some light cardio near the end of the first month, and many patients may return to their regular exercise routine by the 6-week mark.

Stay In Bed All Day

It is not necessary to stay immobilized in your bed following abdominal surgery, although you will feel some stiffness and soreness in the first few days. Light movement is helpful to the healing process, as long as you’re not doing anything strenuous or putting tension on your incision. You’ll be encouraged to walk around and keep your circulation moving well.

Weigh Yourself

Many patients feel eager to weigh and measure themselves as soon as possible after their tummy procedure is completed. Absolutely, it’s exciting to achieve milestones and measurements that were previously unattainable. However, please remember that the final results of your midsection sculpting will take up to 6 months. Right after surgery, the body is a bit swollen from the procedure, which results in extra inches and water weight that will naturally reduce over time.The natural inflammatory process can’t be rushed, so plan to have patience and eventually, positive new measurements.

Think Negatively

Recovering from cosmetic surgery can come with challenges, but do your best to keep a positive perspective. You may experience some discomfort and temporary restrictions, but these will be more than worth it in exchange for the long-lasting results you’ll enjoy. Talk to your plastic surgeon about any ongoing concerns to put your mind at ease.

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