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A Guide To Resuming Your Exercise After A Tummy Tuck in Toronto

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

There are so many exciting milestones to look forward to after a tummy tuck in Toronto. You’ll anticipate the first time you can wear your target outfit, the first time you catch a glimpse of your new figure in the mirror, and the first time a stranger compliments you on your shape or your radiant confidence.

What Part Does Post-Op Exercise Play?

Most abdominoplasty patients are committed to a healthy lifestyle, and they prioritize exercise in order to maintain their new shape. As the healing process continues, men and women who’ve had a tummy proceduremay feel eager to get into a regular exercise routine and preserve their slimming results. Motivation is valuable, but it is best to err on the side of caution. Exercising too strenuously or too soon can be detrimental to your outcome so even if you feel up for a workout, let your plastic surgeon direct you and keep this guide handy.

Week 1

It’s common for Toronto tummy tuck patients to feel various levels of discomfort, swelling, and fatigue in their first week after surgery. Drains may be present, and you’ll have a compression garment to wear for support and reduced swelling, but this does not mean you’re required to stay in bed all day. It is best to get up and walk leisurely around your home from the first day after surgery. You can adapt your posture to stay as comfortable as possible and avoid straining your incision. Short, easy walks every few hours during the day will help to circulate the blood and reduce stiffness.

Week 2

Many patients feel comfortable to return to work during the second week after their abdominal sculpting, and they’ll have enough energy for day to day activities. During this time, it is still critical to avoid lifting anything more substantial than 10 pounds, including pets, children, and grocery bags! As stamina increases and swelling and stiffness reduce even further, it is important to stay mindful of your surgeon’s restrictions to protect the healing process and not overdo it.

Weeks 3-6

Starting 3 weeks after abdominoplasty, patients may be cleared to resume low impact cardio exercise such as using an elliptical machine or walking briskly. It may also be possible to reintroduce very light weights into your workout routine, but 5-8 pounds should be your maximum. You’ll still need to avoid any abdominal exercises like sit-ups or crunches. You can gradually increase the pace of your cardio exercises, and increase the amount of weight that you lift from 4 weeks on as long as you feel comfortable. Remember, you’ll have your whole life to exercise this new, healthy body and maintain your flatter midsection! Better to be patient and gradually work toward a more ambitious exercise routine.

Weeks 6-12

During this time frame, it is safe for most men and women to pursue the exercise of their choice, just as they would have done before their tummy tuck. Toronto residents can take advantage of our city’s beautiful parks and trails as well as world-class fitness facilities to stay active and fit.
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