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A Tummy Tuck in Toronto Is The Perfect Holiday Gift This Season

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

Many of us are too busy to think about improving our figure and health over the holidays, but did you know this could be the perfect time? A tummy tuck in Toronto, whether you live here or just plan a visit to this impressive city, is a fabulous way to treat yourself that will benefit you for many years to come. Whether your clothes are a little tight from too many festive feasts, or you’re looking forward to unveiling a new beach body this Summer, now is the ideal season to take abold step and do something good for your body. Here, we’ll outline a few of the top reasons why it’s a great time of year for your tummy tuck.

What Time of Year Is Best for A Toronto Tummy Tuck?

At Edelstein Cosmetic, we see men and women for abdominoplasty surgery all throughout the year. Because each person’s lifestyle andscheduleis unique to them, the choice of timing is a personal one. However, there are a few good reasons why we think Winter is beneficial for body sculpting surgery.

Winter Vacations

Whether you have time away from the classroom or a work vacation planned, many people use up extra sick days or vacation time at the end of the year. Also, leaving work for a couple of weeks doesn’t raise any eyebrows around the holidays. This means that if you’re a private person trying to keep your aesthetic procedures discrete, you’ll be able to book recovery time without drawing unwanted attention.

Winter Clothes

Most of us bundle up and hide under sweaters when the weather turns icy. In Toronto, tummy tuck patients have the benefit of loose knits and heavy coats to disguise their swelling, compression garments or post-surgical drains which may be in place for a week or two. While it can be uncomfortable and challenging to cover temporary swelling and surgical incisions in the Summer, cold temperatures make this much more convenient. By the time you’re ready to show a little more skin, you’ll have a beautiful new shape.

You Deserve A Great Holiday Gift

Significant weight loss is a common reason to seek abdominoplasty surgery, but many of our patients are moms who’ve had abdominal muscles stretched apart during pregnancy and stubborn, excess belly skin that won’t bounce back no matter how well they eat and exercise. Moms tend to spend their time and effort making sure everyone else is taken care of, especially during the gift-giving season, but we think it’s time they consider the importance of self-care. Whether improving posture and making it easier to workout at the gym, or building confidence and a sexy self-image, the impact of restorative cosmetic surgery can be profound and benefit youlong after the seasons change.

Scheduling a tummy tuck now might give you the perfect opportunity to request some extra help with kids, pets or home care, take time off work and plan a transformation vacation. We think you deserve it. If you’re ready to head into the new year with a fresh figure and outlook, we welcome you to give our caring team a call and schedule your consultation today.

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