Abdominoplasty Surgery After Pregnancy

One of the most common demographic groups of patients who choose to get tummy tucks or abdominoplasty surgery are women who have had multiple pregnancies. While many women seem to be able to bounce back to their pre-pregnancy bodies after their first child, this is commonly not the case after the second or third. A condition known as diastasis recti – or separated abdominal muscles – can often leave women with a bulging belly that is difficult or impossible to correct though diet and exercise alone.

For women who wish to have flat stomachs again, having a tummy tuck is often a good solution. In fact, almost 50% of these surgeries are on women in their 20s or 30s. Mothers today are no longer accepting the fact that a flabby body has to be a part of their lives once they’ve had children. They are using this surgery to regain their figure and their self-confidence.

What is involved in abdominoplasty surgery?

Depending on the needs of the patient, there are a few different variations of the surgery. Usually however with a full tummy tuck, a horizontal incision is made from hipbone to hipbone. This can be done low enough that the woman will be able to hide the scar with her bikini bottoms.

The surgeon will then pull back the skin, remove excess fat and skin, and tighten the muscles.

Some women may only require a mini tuck which involves mainly removing the fat or “pooch” below the naval. For mini tucks, a shorter incision is made.

Liposuction is also usually used to remove fat and contour the belly.

When should a woman get a tummy tuck after pregnancy?

While a tummy tuck should be a permanent surgery, you results can be negated if you become pregnant again. For this reason, women should wait until they are finished having children before having this procedure.

Also, while you may be eager to get your pre-pregnancy figure back, it is important to remember that your body can take several months to stabilize after giving birth. You should hold off getting abdominoplasty until at least then.  This usually requires about six months.


It is important to remember that a tummy tuck is still major surgery and recovery can take six weeks or longer. Following the operation, you will have to restrict your physical activity significantly for three weeks. You will be on pain medication and antibiotics and you may even have drainage tubes which will have to be emptied a few times each day.

If your children are still young, you should arrange ahead of time to have some extra help since the majority of your time will be spent just taking care of yourself and letting your body heal.

Is a tummy tuck after pregnancy right for you?

If you have diastasis recti or flabby skin around your abdomen as a result of pregnancy and would like to further explore the possibility of having a tummy tuck, the first step is to have a consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon.

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