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Can Toronto Tummy Tuck And Other Procedures Be Done At The Same Time?

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

Many people ask whether they can combine their desired procedures into one, convenient surgery. The short answer is yes. In fact, combination procedures are quite standard, especially when it comes to a tummy tuck in Toronto, and the other bodyreshaping methods that compliment it.

Men and women who are good candidates for surgery can often add one or more treatmentsto get the most from the experience. Examples of procedures commonly combined include:



Breast Augmentation With Tummy Tuck In Toronto

Often referred to as a “Mommy Makeover” this term refers to various breast and abdomen procedures but often describes the specific combination of a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. After pregnancy, the body’s tissue may show permanent signs of stretching and other changes in both the abdomen and breast area. For those with smaller breasts, significant sagging may not be an issue, but after the childbirth, the breasts appear deflated and smaller than they were previously. As well, even for petite women, the lax skin and separated abdominal muscles present after childbirth can be an ongoing frustration, not solved with exercise or non-invasive treatments. Removing excess skin in the midsection, tightening separated muscles and adding volume to the breasts through saline or silicone gel implants creates a complete post-baby body transformation in one, convenient procedure.

Tummy Tuck With Mastopexy

This combo is frequently requested,and although it could be classified as a Mommy Makeover, the patient need not have had children to qualify. Often, losing a significant amount of body fat will leave not only the tummy but also the breasts sagging. The effects of weight, stretching and time on the skin often mean that it can’t bounce back and retract on its own. A customized approach to reshaping and lifting the breast tissue looks great, together with a trim, flat tummy.

Toronto Tummy Tuck With Liposuction

While a standard abdominoplasty is designed to tighten abdominal skin, reconstruct the belly button, and reposition separated abdominal muscles, pockets of problem fat often require liposuction. Though a tummy tuck will shrink the waistline, additional sculpting and reshaping are possible with the artistic eye of a plastic surgeon and precision liposuction tools. Adding this surgical fat removal on any body area will increase the surgery time, but depending on the areas treated, it’s not considered complex. Some people wish to addliposuction of the legs, arms or back, but there are limits to how many areas can be safely treated at one time as well as practical implications for recovery. Each case is unique, so your plastic surgeon will meet with you in person to discuss your goals, your whole health picture and your options for combination tummy tuck treatments.

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