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Comparing Different Costs Of A Tummy Tuck in Toronto

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

Have you seen different prices for tummy tuck surgery in Toronto? Chances are, if you research top plastic surgeons, you’ll see similar procedure pricing but different procedure techniques and terms. The variability between practices may be a little confusing, so we’ve created a guide to explain the different types of and the typical prices you’ll see for them.Plenty of people struggle with a muffin top, belly bulge and love handles, which is why abdominoplasty,( commonly known as a tummy tuck) is one of our most popular procedures year after year. This cosmetic surgery allows for permanent and dramatic smoothing of the midsection, erasing extra skin and fat. It even enables repair of separated abdominal muscles which is an issue many mothers suffer with after childbirth. There are a few different methods of abdominoplasty commonly offered and they include a mini tummy tuck, standard or full, and the floating or “FAB” abdominoplasty.

The Price Will Vary By $1500-$2000 for Each of These Pptions And Here’s Why:

Mini tummy tucks smooth and repair cosmetic issues below the umbilicus. They involve a short scar and minor skin removal. This option is ideal for those with subtle bulges below the umbilicus and who are otherwise in great shape.
Full tummy tucks suit many patients who have lost weight or given birth. Stretched, sagging skin above and below the belly button is smoothed,and the naval is reconstructed. Full top-to-bottom abdominal muscle repair will facilitatediastasis rectus repair. Your waistline will be slimed and rolls eliminated for a significant figure remodelling. The incision required across the lower abdomen is typically from hip to hip. FAB- The floating abdominoplasty is a hybrid technique that allows for full muscle repair and minor skin removal with a shorter scar. The umbilicus is not reconstructed through this method but will be shifted slightly lower to help recontour the abdomen. With each option to reshape and improve the abdomen, our Royal College certified plastic surgeons use advanced surgical and suturing techniques to deliver minimal scarring, rapid recovery and long lasting results. As with many procedures, the optimal choice for you will depend on your physical needs and your aesthetic goals. Important note* The lowest cost Toronto tummy tuck will not necessarily deliver what you’re envisioning,so it’s important to ask what exactly is involved with your complete procedure. For instance, when provided with a surgical quote, you should understand whether supplementary liposuction and muscle repair are included in your price, along with all follow-up appointments and any other additional surgical expenses. Most plastic surgeons will offer a comprehensive fee structure to help make the process convenient and clear for you. At Edelstein Cosmetic, we offer a variety of personalized techniques for Toronto tummy tucks. Whether you’ve worked hard to lose weight, or you’re a busy mom with a few stubborn belly issues, our customized abdominoplasty procedures can help give you your figure and your confidence back. We welcome you to call and schedule your consultation with Dr. Edelstein or Dr. Jindal today.

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