Helpful Advice To Plan Ahead For Your Toronto Tummy Tuck

Deciding to undergo a tummy tuck is a life changing and rewarding experience. However, it is a major surgery from which the body needs sufficient time to rest and recuperate. Planning ahead for your Toronto tummy tuck means you’ll go into the procedure with peace of mind knowing necessary arrangements have been made and you can recover comfortably.

By taking the proper steps to prepare for your tummy tuck, you are also giving yourself the best chances of enjoying the most optimal results with a shorter recovery time.

At Edelstein Cosmetic, we provide Toronto tummy tuck patients with a comprehensive set of guidelines to help them prepare ahead of their procedure.

Here we will sum up some of the easy steps you can take to make your recovery worry-free.Your overall health leading up to your procedure can greatly impact not only your recovery but also your results.  If you are able to maintain an active lifestyle with a balanced diet ahead of your procedure, your surgeon will be able to accomplish more during the surgery and you’ll feel great faster.It is also important to be open and honest with your surgeon about your health history prior to your procedure. For instance, if you are a smoker, it is very important to disclose this information ahead of time as this can pose certain risks when it comes to the procedure. It is also important to discuss any medications you take or allergies that you have, so that your surgeon is able to effectively assess any potential risks well in advance of the surgery.Planning ahead to take sufficient time off work as well as making arrangements for help with household chores, childcare and pet related responsibilities is also highly recommended. You won’t be bed-ridden. In fact, we want you to walk around regularly but if you feel uncomfortable and slow, it’s nice to be able to take a break from other concerns. Following the surgery you will experience some degree of discomfort and tightness, as well as low energy. During this time it is important to take prescribed pain medication as needed and get enough rest. By making sure your responsibilities are being taken care of, you can relax, sleep when needed and let your body heal.Make sure you have a support system in place to drive you home from your procedure and help you out for the first few days, as well as provide emotional support. This can also greatly aid with your recovery.

We also recommend planning ahead by stocking up on nutritious and easy to prepare meals before your procedure. Following a diet rich in protein and vitamins will give your body the necessary fuel to heal.Although these tips are useful when preparing for your surgery, they are not comprehensive. A full set of guidelines with detailed instructions will be provided to you by our clinic prior to your procedure so that you are fully prepared and know exactly what to expect from your recovery.Undergoing a Toronto tummy tuck can be a stressful process for your body and planning for a predictable and comfortable recovery starts at Edelstein Cosmetic.

To learn more about tummy tucks and determine if you are a suitable candidate, we invite you to schedule a private consultation at our clinic to discuss your options.




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