How Can Your Keep Your Toronto Tummy Tuck A Secret?

Making the decision to have a tummy tuck is a very personal one and many people would like to be as subtle about their choice as they can. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your Toronto tummy tuck a secret if you choose to do so.

A tummy tuck is a fairly major surgery, which requires a few weeks of rest to allow the body to recover. Although most healing takes places within the first 3 to 6 weeks, there will usually be varying degrees of swelling that persist beyond this time.

For those who want to keep their tummy tuck a secret, it is a good idea to have the procedure in the fall or winter when it is easy to cover up with layers and baggy clothing.Another way to minimize the risk of exposing your tummy tuck is by choosing a reputable board certified surgeon. When a tummy tuck is performed at the hands of an inexperienced surgeon, it is much more likely that there will be visible scarring. Many patients who have undergone a previous tummy tuck are left with visible scars, typically around the belly button, high up on the abdomen or upside down T scars in the center.At Edelstein Cosmetic, we take pride in putting patient comfort first and use specialized techniques, which allow our patients to keep their procedure as private as they wish.  During a Toronto tummy tuck, we use an ‘invisible suturing technique’ for the long incision, which keeps the stitches internal. Rather than staples, the internal sutures we use are dissolvable and invisible.

There will still be thin incision lines from the procedure placed discretely low, below the underwear line.  The good news is, the appearance of scars can be dramatically reduced with the proper care.At our clinic, all patients are provided with detailed postoperative care instructions including how to care for their incision lines to minimize scarring.

Typically, topical products such as Dermatrix Silicone Gel and Retouch Silicone Sheeting are recommended to flatten and decrease the visibility of residual scar.

Furthermore, taking care to protect the incision from the sun and using a high SPF sunblock can help to reduce scar darkening which will enable you to keep the procedure discreet.For those who wish to keep their Toronto tummy tuck a secret, it is also important to account for the fact that the procedure requires a few weeks time off from work. Scheduling the procedure at such a time when you can easily stay home from work until you are feeling strong and comfortable again will help you keep the procedure less obvious. Some patients also choose to tell friends and coworkers they are going on vacation for a few weeks to avoid questions and give themselves the necessary time to heal.For those who are looking for a tummy tuck that will leave their friends wondering, the first step is to schedule a private consultation with a board certified cosmetic surgeon. Though most of our patients are so happy they can’t wait to tell their friends, the choice is always yours.At Edelstein Cosmetic, our team of experts specializing in tummy tucks take great care to use advanced, patient-friendly techniques that will make your tummy tuck as discreet as possible.During a private consultation, our surgeons will be able to assess your individual needs and answer questions to help you make a fully informed decision.




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