Regain A Smooth Belly After Babies: Toronto Tummy Tuck

Toronto tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery that is incredibly popular amongst mothers who are seeking to restore their bodies to a pre-pregnancy figure. For many women, the intensive dieting and exercise regimes are simply not enough to deal with problems associated with excess skin and stretched muscles after pregnancy – a tummy tuck is the real solution for regaining a smooth belly after babies.

A significant and wonderful experience in womanhood is pregnancy, but it does come with a price. After childbirth, many will see some sagging and loose skin in the lower area of their abdomen for which no amount of hard work and dedication to exercise and diet will help. This is generally because of two contributing factors 1) the excess skin in the abdomen has no where it can go and 2) the abdominal muscles are separated in a medical condition called diastasis recti.A diastasis recti diagnosis is made when the right and left abdominal muscles become separated because the connective tissue between the two halves are stretched by the growing fetus and expanding uterus. Hormones during pregnancy also contribute to the thinning and softening of the tissue. Normally, a small amount of widening along the mid-line is expected in all pregnancies, but when a separation of more than two centimeters occurs, there is a problem. The abdominal wall weakens as the mid-line tissue can no longer provide sufficient support to the torso and internal organs, resulting in the hanging pot-belly appearance.Although diastasis recti only occur in 30% of all pregnancies, there is not really anything that can be done to prevent it. Genetics, body frame and multiple pregnancies all have a large role in the development of the condition. The pouch of extra skin that results from the miracle of life is unfortunately here to stay.However, a smooth and flat tummy can be regained after pregnancy with the help of a Toronto tummy tuck from Edelstein Cosmetic. The procedure is a surgery that is designed to remove loose skin, contour the abdomen and tighten weakened or separated abdominal muscles that may be caused by diastasis recti. During the surgery, the plastic surgeon will create a horizontal incision just above the pubic bone. The incision can vary in size depending on your aesthetic needs and your unique anatomy.After the incision, your skin is pulled back to reveal the underlying tissue. Excess fat can be removed and the separated muscles are stitched together, if necessary. The skin is then pulled back down to give a smooth appearance with no flabbiness. There is usually a scar but it will be placed in an inconspicuous area that can easily be hidden by clothing. Although a Toronto tummy tuck is quite routine, it is still rather extensive and will require some time for recovery and healing.If you are struggling with stubborn, excess skin that forms a pouch and would like to consider a Toronto tummy tuck, please come see us at Edelstein Cosmetic. We will be happy to help you achieve your dreams.




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