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Regain Your Confidence With A Tummy Tuck in Toronto

When you hear that swimsuit season is around the corner, does it make you cringe? Baring more skin in the summer heat and hitting the beach should be something to look forward to all winter long in Toronto. Tummy tuck surgery can make that a reality for you. Many people strategically cover up and hide a midsection they’re embarrassed about. It can also be a negative factor for those trying hard to workout in a public location. Confidence can be regained, and we’re going to explain how.

Lost The Weight, But Not The Belly?

Losing weight and getting in shape takes hard work and dedication. The unfortunate reality is that for some people, no matter how much they transform their appearance through sweat and persistence, excess, lax skin and stubborn pockets of fat will remain and detract from their self-esteem.

For women who’ve given birth, the belly can sometimes remain protruding long after the child has grown. That’s because separated abdominal muscles can be strengthened but not pulled firmly together through exercise. With muscles set apart, the abdominal contents will push out and create a perpetual pot-belly for many women who are otherwise in great shape. If this describes you, the desire to improve confidence with a Toronto tummy tuck can be realized, and your life changed through a single procedure.

This Procedure Is A Body Shape Solution

Also known as abdominoplasty, tummy tuck surgery addresses diastasis recti ( muscle separation) abdominal fat, stretched, sagging skin and rolls. The operation allows for removal and redraping of skin along with tightening the entire waistline. Many plastic surgeons will include supplementary liposuction while performing a tummy tuck to help sculpt and reshape the midsection.

Toronto Tummy Tuck Surgery Is One Of The Most Dramatic Body Contouring Options Available Today.

This 3-4 hour procedure allows many of our clients to shop for a whole new wardrobe, drop dress sizes and finally fit into their tight, stylish gym clothes. When extra rolls keep you hidden under baggy fabric layers for years, adding chic, tailored items to your look can be life-changing. Walk around poolside with confidence, play sports or do whatever your new self-image allows you, finally. With swim trunks or bikinis back in play, getting closer with an intimate partner, feeling healthy and fit again can be your new reality.

This surgery is the only safe, effective and permanent way to remove redundant skin, repair muscles and reconstruct the belly button. You can choose between a few different methods such as mini or full tummy tuck. During your consultation, the surgeon will examine you and help you decide which approach suits you best.

If you’re considering this procedure to reshape your figure, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with one of our expert plastic surgeons. This is a popular addition to breast enhancement surgery and liposuction for whole body rejuvenation. Let us show you the possibilities and help you get closer to your goals.

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