Stretch Marks and Tummy Tucks

Stretch marks are a common problem that many think are impossible to resolve. Many patients ask us how to remove stretch marks that negatively affect their body. Fortunately, tummy tucks can drastically reduce the appearance of some stretch marks.CAN A TUMMY TUCK TREAT MY STRETCH MARKS? IS IT AN EFFECTIVE TREATMENT TO REMOVE STRETCH MARKS?

Location For Effective Stretch Mark Removal Toronto

The location of the stretch marks (also known as striae) and the patient’s individual circumstance dictate whether or not a tummy tuck is an appropriate procedure for their treatment. If the stretch marks are localized in the area of the skin that will be treated during the tummy tuck, they will be entirely removed. Stretch marks that are present outside of the area to be removed will be stretched further in the direction they’re oriented.

When a patient’s stretch marks are located on the lower part of the stomach (below and directly above the belly button) a tummy tuck can be performed to minimize or eliminate them. The procedure removes the skin from this area and, as a part of the surgery, removes the stretch marks as well. The most difficult location to treat is above the belly button and on the patient’s sides, above the hips. Although a tummy tuck will not remove stretch marks in this area or on a patient’s middle to upper abdomen, the procedure can shift them lower.

Full tummy tucks involve the creation of an incision that runs from hip to hip. Any stretch marks located in this area can be removed.SKIN AND STRETCH MARK CHARACTERISTICSStretch marks that are present on loose skin tend to have a raised appearance. This, along with their tendency to vary in colour, makes them more noticeable. Tummy tucks that stretch the striae along their longer axis are helpful in these cases. This type of stretching generally camouflages the marks to a much greater extent than they would in other cases. Generally, striae can be pulled and stretched in order to reduce their appearance. White stretch mark removal: This is most beneficial in treating those that are white in colour.

Women who have developed stretch marks and extra skin on the sides of their abdomen and/or on their back following pregnancy and massive weight loss will benefit from a more extensive body lift procedure than a basic tummy tuck.ANOTHER STRETCH MARKS TREATMENTAside from tummy tucks, any other form of surgery that excises skin afflicted with stretch marks may also lead to improvement. Stretch mark sufferers should discuss their condition and intended results with us in order to best determine whether or not a surgical stretch mark removal procedure will help them remove stretch marks and achieve their skin improvement goals.




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