The Most Effective Techniques For Tummy Tuck In Toronto

A Toronto tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery offered at Edelstein Cosmetic to treat patients with excessive abdominal skin and fat. The procedure helps to reveal a flatter, tighter stomach and a defined waistline.

The general concept of a tummy tuck is to create an incision across the lower abdomen, above the pubic area, to allow removal of loose folds of skin and fat, as well as to correct muscle separation.  Though the goal of all tummy tucks is similar, there are four common types of tummy tucks performed at the best plastic surgery clinics in Toronto.

Standard Tummy Tuck

This tummy tuck technique is also referred to as a full tummy tuck. It is ideal for patients who wish to flatten the abdomen above and below the belly button.

A full tummy tuck requires a horizontal incision between the hips and around the belly button for the removal of excess tissue. Our plastic surgeons will then pull the remaining muscle and skin tightly over the stomach to achieve a flatter contour. The surgery is concluded by the re-positioning of the belly button and suturing of incisions.

Suitable candidates for a full tummy tuck are healthy men and women with extra midsection skin and/or weakened abdominal muscles. The surgery is completed under general anesthesia and will require at least two-weeks for recovery before returning to normal, daily routines.

Mini-Tummy Tuck

A mini-tummy tuck is an abdominoplasty procedure that is less invasive compared to a standard or full tummy tuck. It provides more subtle results and solely addresses the abdominal area below the belly button. This type of technique is recommended for patients who are relatively thin with a slight bulge or loose skin in the lower abdomen area, between the belly button and mons pubis.Compared to a standard tummy tuck, the surgeon creates a relatively smaller, lower abdomen incision.  Excessive skin is then excised, and the stomach muscles are tightened before incision closure with sutures. A mini-tummy tuck does not require belly button reconstruction because of its minimal invasiveness.

Floating Abdominoplasty

The floating abdominoplasty or FAB procedure is a type of combination technique that Edelstein Cosmetic is pleased to offer. Through a smaller incision than a full tummy tuck, excess skin is removed, and the belly button is temporarily detached and “floating” above the abdominal muscles. The muscles can be tightened and reinforced along the entire length of the abdomen, from sternum to pubic area. The skin is then made smooth and the belly button is re-attached with the option to re-position.Candidates for this novel technique in Toronto tummy tucks have significant stretching and weakness in their abdominal muscles over the entire length of the abdomen, and concern with lax skin below the belly button.

Circumferential Lower Body Lift

A circumferential lower body lift is a more invasive surgical procedure than a standard tummy tuck. It addresses the abdomen in its entirety, as well as the hips and lower back. This is a technique that is recommended for patients with overall good health who have significant excess skin present due to massive weight loss.

The Best Toronto Tummy Tuck Technique

For greater body contouring, liposuction is often also used during these procedures.

When it comes time to choosing the best tummy tuck technique, it will differ from patient to patient based on several factors such as desired results, body type and amount of excess tissue. Our plastic surgeons  will work alongside you to help determine which technique is most suited and effective for you to achieve your aesthetic goals.




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