Tummy tuck cost: Abdominoplasty Prices and Financing


In Toronto, a tummy tuck – or abdominoplasty surgery can run you anywhere between $6000 and $12,000 dollars. While this may seem like quite a wide range, there is good reason for this, as there are a number of factors that go into the cost including the experience of the surgeon, the amount of tissue that has to be removed, scope of the procedure, etc.

Does the benefit justify the expense?

Deciding whether or not to go forward with abdominoplasty is a very personal decision.  Those who have experienced extreme weight loss or have had dramatic changes to their bodies as a result of pregnancies are often left with excess fat, weakened muscles and sagging skin which cannot be helped by diet and exercise alone.

This can be unsightly and shake a person’s confidence. In some cases, it can even contribute to medical issues such as back pain and hernias.

Those with only minor sagging around the abdomen may decide that it is not worth undergoing major surgery to correct – however this procedure is suitable for patients with any amount of sagging should they choose it.

Factors involved in the cost

As mentioned earlier, there are many factors that go into the cost of a tummy tuck. A highly qualified surgeon who is in high demand will usually charge more than a less experienced doctor.  Also, patients who have a lot of tissue that needs to be removed can expect to pay more than those with only minor sagging.

If you are considering having multiple cosmetic procedures done, speak with your surgeon about the possibility of having them all done at once. Since this is more efficient on the surgeon’s time, it could reduce your overall cost.

Will OHIP cover a tummy tuck?

If this procedure is done purely for cosmetic reasons, OHIP will not cover it. In situations where a person has lost more than 100 pounds, and if it can be demonstrated that sagging skin is causing medical problems, such as rashes, infections, back pain, etc., then OHIP may cover part of the cost of the surgery.

Financing your tummy tuck

For patients whose insurance will not cover them for abdominoplasty, there are financing options available. Often patients will use a credit card or a personal line of credit, however there are many clinics that offer financing through companies that specialize in financing for cosmetic procedures (eg Creologix ( www.crelogix.com/apply ) and Medicard ( www.medicard.com ).

 Aftercare and recovery expenses

When you are budgeting for your tummy tuck operation, make sure that you factor in expenses that you may incur during your recovery as well as any possible income that you might miss out on from being away from work.

For example, you may want to arrange for private home care for a few days, or hire someone to help out with taking care of the kids or doing housework. Your surgeon will also write you a prescription for medication to reduce the pain as well as to help prevent infection.

Abdominoplasty surgery can be a very rewarding experience for those who are plagued with loose skin and fat around their bellies. By factoring in the necessary expenses and planning ahead, you can reduce the potential financial stress and start looking forward to a firmer new you.




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