Tummy Tuck Scar Care

We use an “invisible suture technique” for the long tummy tuck incision, which means that all the suturing is internal. You won’t see any stitches and you won’t have to come back to get them removed, either, as they are dissolvable. We do not use staples for the abdominoplasty procedure, as they tend to leave a more visible and uneven scar.

Despite this, you will still have incision lines left over from your tummy tuck. The severity and visibility of scarring can be dramatically decreased with proper care.YOUR SCAR: WHAT TO EXPECT AFTER SURGERYImmediately following surgery, the affected skin will feel tighter than usual. In order to avoid pulling the scar (which will be well hidden, located in the lower bikini line and groin), you’ll be instructed to walk with your back bent slightly forward. During the recovery period the support garment and dressings should be removed before showering while the white tape (steri-strips) covering the incision should be left in place. Baths must not be taken until all drains have been removed, the sutures surrounding the belly button have been removed and the incisions have mostly healed. This typically takes two weeks. As healing progresses some stitches (those woven under the skin) will dissolve while others (some of the stitches placed around the belly button) must be removed by your surgeon at the end of the two week period.
Dr. Edelstein talks about how he reduces scarring
When the steri-strips have begun to curl at their edges they can be safely removed. At this point you will no longer need to cover your incisions with dressings and can begin to administer scar reducing products like Dermatrix gel or Retouch® Silicone Sheeting.
DERMATIXDermatrix Silicone Gel is a transparent, self-drying gel that can be used after your tummy tuck scar(s) has fully healed and all surgical tape and/or bandaging has been removed. The gel is applied to the scar(s) daily and works to smooth, flatten and relieve itchiness of the incision lines. 76% of dermatologists rated the efficacy of Dermatrix as good to very good in a European case study. These physicians rated Dermatrix on its ability to reduce scar elevation, elasticity, itchiness, pain and redness. Dermatrix is effective in treating either new or mature scars.
SILICONE SHEETINGWe may also recommend the use of Retouch® Silicone Sheeting for Scars in order to improve and speed healing. Retouch® Silicone Sheets are adhesive, come in standard shapes (e.g. for tummy tucks or breast reductions), or can be cut to suit any shape and naturally conform to the contours of the affected areas of the body. They help by flattening and decreasing the visibility of your scars. Silicone sheets can be reused for months. They work on older scars and provide permanent results.
NATURAL SCAR IMPROVEMENTThe body works to naturally reduce scarring. Redness and a raised texture are normal during the three to six months following your tummy tuck, but both traits begin to subside during the healing process. In order to help this process for the best tummy tuck scar, patients are advised to protect their incisions from direct sunlight (especially in the first year after surgery) as this can cause unfavourable pigmentation changes. If the scar must be exposed to the sun, SPF 30 or higher sunblock should be used.




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