Tummy Tuck in Toronto: Which Technique Is Right For You?

Are Toronto tummy tucks one size fits all? Not at all. Each patient we see at Edelstein Cosmetic has unique needs and goals. Luckily, advanced abdominoplasty techniques allow for very detailed customization, and you may have more options than you think to reshape your figure for good. Read on while we describe the main procedure types and who is an ideal candidate for each of them.

Mini Tummy Tucks

Also known as a mini abdominoplasty, this approach is best for those who have a little extra fat and skin laxity below the belly button, but only minor stretch marks or a pooch. Many women bounce back into good shape after pregnancy, but their lower abdomen protrudes. C-section scars and a small number of stretch marks can be reduced this way.  For men, there’s sometimes a roll or bulge in this area that can be addressed with minor skin removal and tightening. Keep in mind, if you choose the mini, no contour or skin issues above the navel will be affected.

Full Tummy Tucks

This option may seem more extensive or extreme, but it’s also known as a standard tummy tuck, for a good reason. This approach allows the surgeon to remove significant redundant skin which troubles many mothers and those who’ve shed considerable weight. If there’s a space between the muscles known as diastasis recti, this option allows for total repair and tightening, creating a flatter, slimmer waistline and no more protruding belly.The belly button is reconstructed, and excess fat pockets are also removed from the midsection using this approach. It’s the most popular and the best way for many people to see the dramatic transformation they’re dreaming of. The incision will be longer than that required for a mini, but placed low, just under the underwear line.

The Modified or Floating Tummy Tuck In Toronto

A combined approach which includes elements of both methods listed above can sometimes be useful. Depending on each person’s anatomy and goals, the surgeon may be able to perform a floating abdominoplasty which temporarily detaches the belly button allowing for full-length muscle repair. The surgeon will excise a small crescent of skin from the lower abdomen creating a scar similar to the mini, and the belly button will appear more or less the same. Some people who are quite fit fall into this unique category without enough laxity to warrant the full approach.

Will My Choice Affect My Recovery?

The short answer is, maybe. Each person experiences discomfort, swelling and wound healing a little differently so the described experiences post-abdominoplasty can vary quite a bit. On average, the recovery time after a standard procedure can take roughly one week longer initially and will also depend on factors such as diastasis recti repair or additional liposuction. In all three cases, patients are advised to avoid aerobic exercise for three weeks and strenuous workouts or heavy lifting for another three weeks post-procedure.The best way to determine which option is going to deliver you optimal results is to meet with an expert plastic surgeon in person. We welcome you to contact Edelstein Cosmetic and learn what this body sculpting surgery can do for you.




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