What Type Of Diet Should I Follow After My Tummy Tuck in Toronto?

After a major cosmetic surgery, many patients want to know what they should eat, (and what to avoid) so they can heal quickly and feel as healthy as possible. A tummy tuck in Toronto will allow a plastic surgeon to slim your waistline, trim away excess skin and fat, repair abdominal muscles, and reconstruct your navel. Known medically as abdominoplasty, this procedure is elective, but it’s not minor.

A smooth recovery that’s as quick and easy as possible requires you to be in good shape and your diet replete with protein and other vital nutrients. Even when it’s something we’ve wanted for a long time; surgical recovery can be stressful, and that takes a toll on your energy. It’s vital to keep your strength up with good food. Here are a few tips to keep your diet on point and your recovery in check.

An Ideal Diet After Tummy Tuck in Toronto

You’ll need to keep up your strength and feed your healing tissues with high quality nutrients. Let’s start with a few things your body can do without.Avoid sugar, processed and refined carbohydrate snacks, trans and saturated fats. Alcohol soon after surgery is not considered safe, and smoking could be very detrimental because it constricts your blood flow. You need abundant circulation to heal your abdominal incision as quickly as possible and keep the affected tissue healthy.

Try These Instead

Whole grains and complex carbohydrates, plenty of lean protein including chicken, wild caught fish, legumes and beans. Fresh fruit, vegetables and lots of water. Keep the sweet treats and snacks in moderation.

How Can You Maintain A Healthy Weight In The Long Run?

Some patients say that it’s surprisingly easy to avoid overeating at first because the tight, constrictive compression garment squishes the abdomen tightly. After the first 4-6 weeks, your swelling will have gone down significantly, tissues will be more relaxed, and you’ll discontinue the binder. Don’t let the new-found freedom lead you to over eat!You can maintain a healthy weight by gradually adding more exercise to your daily routine, (unless otherwise instructed by your doctor) and limit the amount of sugar or processed foods you consume. You might find heading out to the gym or a neighborhood run much easier and less uncomfortable once the extra belly flab is gone. Reshaping your figure with a tummy tuck in Toronto could be just the positive motivator you need to get your health and confidence on track.Most patients are eager to keep in shape once their new tummy is revealed. Contact Edelstein Cosmetic if you’d like to schedule your own consultation.




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