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What You Should Know About a Plus Size Tummy Tuck in Toronto

Undergoing a tummy tuck to flatten your stomach can be appealing, regardless of whether you have a small frame or a naturally heavier build. Plus size men and women often wonder whether a Toronto tummy tuck is a viable option for them to sculpt a more attractive figure. Individuals who are overweight can be excellent candidates for abdominoplasty under the right conditions. Here are some essential questions for you to consider:

Are you close to your goal weight? If you have much weight to lose, your surgeon may advise you to wait to schedule your tummy tuck in Toronto. Significant fat loss often results in loose skin around the abdomen, which takes some time to retract naturally. Additionally, losing more weight after your procedure would detract from the result, or even require revision. Patients who are close to their goal weight and who have a healthy BMI (body mass index) can be good candidates; however, a BMI over 30 will likely require further weight loss before pursuing a body sculpting surgery.

How is your general health? Obese patients are often susceptible to health complications, and these can lead to increased risks for any type of surgery. Be sure to discuss any medical conditions you currently have so that your surgeon can provide their best recommendation, whether that means an abdominoplasty or other procedure. Elective surgery only makes sense if you are in good health, and your recovery from a Toronto tummy tuck will be optimal when you start on the right foot.

Are you able to maintain your goal weight? For patients considering an abdominoplasty, the long-term results of this procedure depend on their commitment to a healthy lifestyle and ability to maintain a stable weight. Increases in body weight often show in the stomach, and weight gain or loss will result in looser abdominal skin as always. For female patients, pregnancy after a tummy tuck is safe, but it can negatively affect results by re-stretching the abdomen. In most cases, women are advised to wait until they’ve finished having children before undergoing the treatment.

Are your expectations realistic? Plus size tummy tuck candidates are usually thrilled with their results, but abdominoplasty is not a total body makeover. This sculpting procedure will not alter the proportions of your breasts, buttocks, hips or thighs. The majority of patients enjoy a boost in self-esteem and find their clothes fit better, feel better and decrease in size. The success of your procedure and outcome can be defined by a more attractive figure, confidence in your skin, and a trimmer, healthier shape regardless of the number on your clothing tags.

Cosmetic surgery is not the only option for plus size men and women to enjoy increased confidence,however, if you’re a healthy, plus size individual with loose belly skin or sagging abdominal muscles, consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon can help you decide whether a tummy tuck will improve your body contours and help you look your best.

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