Nonsurgical Jawline Contouring

Treatment of the Masseter Muscle with BOTOX®

In facial aesthetics, a strong and square jawline is attractive, if you’re a man. But for women, a softer, less prominent jawline is usually considered to be more feminine, and therefore, more attractive. In an effort to narrow the lower part of the face, making it more oval or heart-shaped, many women have turned to surgery to modify their bone structure in a procedure known as jaw reduction. While the procedure has permanent results, a non-surgical, less risky treatment is available for suitable patients that achieve beautiful results without a long, painful recovery.

Why Get Jaw Plastic Surgery When You Can Get Similar Results With Just An Injection?

In a single treatment that takes no more than 15 minutes, your jawline can be gently reshaped to make it less angular and prominent, narrowing the contour of your lower face to create a more feminine appearance. A few units of BOTOX® injected directly into the jaw muscle responsible for chewing, known as the masseter, is all that it takes. The BOTOX®, injected in both sides of the jaw, will selectively relax the masseter in the days following your injection, gradually making it less prominent and square. The width of your jawline will slowly narrow, transforming your facial shape into more of an oval or heart. Optimal results may take up to four to six weeks to appear, but can last for up to a year depending on lifestyle habits. To maintain results, you’ll need touch-up injections most likely scheduled twice a year.
The same risks and side effects related to BOTOX® treatments targeting other areas exist for BOTOX® jawline contouring as well, the most common being swelling, bruising, and bleeding.
Treatment of the masseter muscle with BOTOX® has been widely available for many years in Korea, China, and other East Asian countries, where it was first documented in a formal study back in 2001. In fact, it has become one of the most popular uses of BOTOX® in East Asia, particularly amongst women who find a “square face” to be considered unattractive and undesirable. A study performed on Western populations was also conducted to determine the treatment’s effectiveness, finding that it could achieve the same benefits. In the research conducted by an Australian Plastic Surgeon, participants experienced an aesthetic improvement that lasted from nine months to a year. Cases of teeth grinding (bruxism) also improved for six to seven months.HELP MAKE YOUR BOTOX® JAWLINE MODIFICATION RESULTS LAST LONGERAs with any muscle, repeated use can make it stronger and more prominent. This is true for the masseter as well. Chewing gum for long periods of time, grinding, and even eating tough foods (such as well done meat) can work your masseter and enlarge it.


Jawline modification with BOTOX® is suitable for patients with hypertrophy of the masseter. If your prominent jawline is the result of your bone structure, then this treatment may not work for you. Speak to Dr. Andrea Herschorn, or Dr Kunaal Jindal to find out.

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