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4 Things That Affect How “Real” Your Toronto Breast Augmentation Will Feel

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By Jerome Edelstein, MD

One of the most common questions we hear among women considering a breast augmentation in Toronto, is how real will my new breasts feel?

When it comes to just how real they will feel, there are 4 main factors that can influence the outcome.

Type Of Implant

Whether you have opted for saline or silicone implants will affect how real the results of your procedure feel.

Silicone implants are generally slighter softer than saline, and as a result, tend to feel more natural. Due to the consistency of silicone implants, patients generally find that they look and feel more like natural breast tissue. Ultimately your body type and breast anatomy, among other factors, will play a role in determining which type of implant is right for you.

It is important to note that saline implants can often feel just as natural, but often take longer to get there than the silicone option

Placement Of The Implant

For patients who have enough breast tissue to cover the implants without needing muscle for soft tissue coverage, the implants will tend to feel more natural, and sooner.

This is because in cases where there is sufficient breast tissue, the muscle does not need to be stretched out.

If you don’t have much breast tissue, putting the implant under the muscle is a good idea because the muscle will help to camouflage the implant.

One of the key areas for a plastic surgeon to pay attention to in order to give you the most ‘real’ results is striking the right balance between the breast tissue and the size of the implant.

Size Of The Implant

One of the key factors that can influence how natural your Toronto breast augmentation results look and feel is the size of the implant.

Making sure that you choose a size that compliments your body type without being too big or too small can make all the difference between natural and subtle results versus an obvious and plastic look.

To make sure the right size of implant is used, a surgeon has to consider many variables including your height, weight and size of ribcage, among other factors.One of the most common reasons that implants may look unnatural is that they are too big. Choosing an implant that is too large for your frame can not only look disproportionate, but can also pose health risks due to the excess strain placed on the neck and back by its weight.

Amount Of Natural Breast Tissue

In those who have more natural breast tissue, implants are typically able to assimilate into the look and feel of the breast fairly quickly. As a result, breasts will tend to feel more natural, sooner compared to those who have less naturally occurring breast tissue. When there is little to no existing breast tissue present, an implant will tend to feel less natural as is there is less tissue to cover the implant.Drs. Jerome Edelstein and Kunaal Jindal are two of the most highly acclaimed plastic surgeons performing breast augmentations in Toronto. With years of training and experience under their belts, they pride themselves on their keen aesthetic ability and surgical precision that have provided countless satisfied patients with the most natural looking results possible.

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