Incisions For Breast Augmentation

Dr. Edelstein talks about how he reduces scarring
All breast augmentation procedures involve the placement of a small incision, created for the purpose of inserting a breast implant during surgery. The incision is usually three to four cm (one to one and a half inches) in length. A permanent scar remains where the incision was placed. Every effort is made to ensure that the scar is as inconspicuous as possible. Following surgery, scars are red and a little raised, but over three to six months they usually get lighter in colour and flatten out, becoming silvery thin lines that are barely noticeable. For all incision placements, the breast augmentation scars are usually very well hidden within the natural contours of your body.BREAST AUGMENTATION TYPES OF INCISIONSThe incision for breast augmentation can be made in one of three places:1. INFRA-MAMMARY INCISIONThe infra-mammary incision is probably the most popular type. It is placed at or slightly above the crease under the breast. This is one of the most common incisions because it allows for the most direct access to the breast implant pocket, making accurate placement of the implants quite predictable. It also leaves the actual breast tissue completely undisturbed, minimizing any effects on breast-feeding and nipple sensation.2. PERI-AREOLAR INCISIONThe peri-areolar incision is made along the lower border of the pigmented skin around the nipple (the areola). This second type of incision is commonly used in women with a poorly defined fold under the breast, as long as their nipple size is not too small. It is another popular incision and usually heals quite well, resulting in an almost “invisible” surgery scar.3. TRANS-AXILLARY INCISIONThe third type of incision is placed high in the armpit and is called trans-axillary. The benefit of this incision is that it eliminates scars on the breast itself for “scarless breast augmentation”. Women with poorly defined folds under the breast and small nipples make for a good candidate for this type of incision. Although a scar is avoided on the breast, it is important to remember that there will be a scar in the armpit. This may may become an issue when wearing certain sleeveless tops or bathing suits. A scope (endoscope) is often used to perform the breast augmentation procedure to improve predictability.

Dr. Edelstein is one of the few plastic surgeons in Canada who can place silicone cohesive gel implants through the trans-axillary/armpit incision. His surgical expertise also makes it unnecessary to place drains after your surgery.

Keep in mind that there is no single incision that is ideal for every patient. At your pre-operative breast augmentation surgery Toronto consultation, our Plastic Surgeons will help you decide which incision option is best for you with the goal of achieving your personal expectations and desired results. To book your consultation, call us at (416) 256-5614.




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