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The Safest Option For Larger Breasts Is Still A Toronto Breast Augmentation

Many women are interested in having fuller, rounder or bigger breasts but are wary of going under the knife for surgery. When it comes to achieving fuller or bigger breasts, there are temporary alternatives to surgery. However, it is important to consider the cost, safety, and your long-term goals.

One such alternative is nicknamed a “Botox breast lift”. For this procedure, Botox is injected into the pectoralis minor chest muscle. The Botox causes other chest muscles to compensate by lifting the breast.

However, the results of this type of breast list are not very dramatic and only last around three or four months till the Botox wears off.

Another alternative is using a vacuum bra like the Brava system. When this type of bra is worn for around 16 hours a day, for a period of 10 weeks, it is said to help increase the size of the breasts. The bra works by expanding the tissue over time through a consistent pull. The tension is believed to trigger breast cells to replicate, resulting in the formation of new breast tissue.

These types of breast enlargement systems are typically very expensive and have a high drop out rate due to the amount of time it must be used to see any results.

Fat grafting is another technique that has sometimes been used as an alternative to breast augmentation with implants. This procedure involves using excess fat from other areas of the body and grafting it to the breasts.

When it comes to fat grafting as a means to perform breast augmentation, there are some technical and long-term concerns regarding the procedure. Often touted as Non-surgical, fat grafting is in fact a surgery and may require multiple procedures to achieve the desired look. Complications can occur as with any surgical procedure.

A consensus on how much fat is needed to adequately enlarge a breast has not yet been reached which can be problematic, as most patients will expect far more dramatic size increases than what is realistic. Furthermore, fat injections to the breast are more expensive than a traditional surgery with breast implants.

Breast enhancing supplements are also often advertised to women looking for a ‘natural’ way to enlarge their breasts. However, some of these supplements contain plant-based estrogens, which can increase the risk of certain types of breast cancer. Additionally, the supplements can sometimes negatively react with other medications that you are taking. More often still, they offer no results at all and are an expensive disappointment.

Taking into account the various different options and their pros and cons, it is clear that the safest, permanent way to enlarge your breasts is still through a Toronto breast augmentation.

At Edelstein Cosmetic, Dr. Edelstein and Dr. Jindal have performed nearly 3000 breast augmentation procedures. By designing a safer procedure, they have been able to reduce the length and discomfort of the recovery period.

Using leading-edge techniques, they have also been able to significantly reduce the rate of capsular contracture, one of the most common and problematic complications of breast augmentation surgery. Using a rapid recovery technique, patients are able to see their results and get back to their normal lives quicker than ever.

For more information about Toronto breast augmentation and to determine if you are suitable candidate, we invite you to contact our clinic for a complimentary consultation with one of our experts.

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