Toronto’s Best Plastic Surgery: Popular Trends

Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures have leaped in popularity over the years. However, as beauty trends come and go over time, so do the types and techniques of plastic surgery. Here, we will explore the latest trends that we are expecting to see from some of Toronto’s best plastic surgery clinics.

Breast augmentations are one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures amongst women on a global scale, and there are certainly specific approaches which are requested more than others. While some patients continue to adore and desire the oversized, augmented look, there has been a major shift in preferences for smaller breast implants. This trend and increased interest in small implants is quite logical for a number of reasons.First, smaller breast implants are relatively safer because bigger implants tend to incur greater risk for certain complications. Second, implants that are smaller in size lead to less tissue trauma during recovery. Third, smaller breasts can create a natural-looking appearance while adding to the body contour in proportions that suit the frame. For many, knowing that their breast augmentation is not obvious to the public increases their self-confidence.There is also a noticeable change in the preference of type of breast augmentation being used. Saline breast implants are experiencing a slight decline in their popularity as more women are opting for the use of cohesive silicone gel implants. This trend may continue in such a direction or it may change again with the introduction of a new form of saline implants known as the IDEAL IMPLANT. Furthermore, the use of a patient’s fat tissue for breast augmentation is also gaining more recognition and further, ongoing studies are being done.According to statistics from the previous few years, labiaplasty is another form of plastic surgery that is growing fast in popularity. This quick, simple surgical procedure allows the patient to return to most regular activities almost right away.Some standard procedures are also undergoing a change in the field. Tummy Tucks, buttock augmentation, arm lifts, and breast lifts, have been popular for a while, but more recently plastic surgeons have been offering these in combination after weight loss or as part of a mommy makeover. The mommy makeover package is becoming well-known and more mainstream.It is one plastic surgery that involves a number of different procedures that target the breasts and abdominal area. Both upper and lower body plastic surgery procedures have shown a positive, increasing trend according to statistics from 2016 and it is likely that it will continue this trajectory.

Finally, another trend we can expect to see in some of the best Toronto plastic surgery clinics is the increase in number of men undergoing cosmetic procedures. For a number of years now, we have seen men grow more comfortable with caring for their physical appearance and aesthetics. Statistics from 2016 show that a sufficient amount of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures were performed on men, with Botox taking the lead. We will certainly not be surprised if this trend continues its upward movement as society’s definition of beauty changes and people become more accepting.




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