Which Implant Size, Shape, And Texture Are Right For Me?

The answer to this question depends on many factors, including your starting breast volume, how active your lifestyle is, the breast size you would like to achieve, and your own aesthetic preferences. Based on these and other factors, our experienced surgeons perform a thorough examination and consultation before your procedure to determine the ideal size, shape, and implant texture for your unique body.

Choosing The Right Implant Size

In order to choose the right implant size, we measure and consider many aspects of our patients’ physiques, and select implants that will maximize breast cleavage while creating a natural-looking result. We create great cleavage by using implants with a wide diameter, and measure each patient’s chest wall to ensure this does not create the look of a unified breast. We have found that this is the best method to help all patients achieve their ideal breast size, whether they are looking to increase breast volume by a little or a lot.

It is important to note that not all bodies can accommodate extremely large or high-profile implants. We take into account factors that include the quantity and quality of existing breast tissue, skin elasticity, current size and shape, and the placement of the nipples, to determine how much volume you can add while staying safe, increasing the odds of a fast recovery, and maintaining a natural appearance.

Available Shapes

The implants we use in our breast augmentation procedures come in two shapes: round or anatomically shaped.

Round implants are circular in shape, and are filled with a silicone cohesive gel or saline. Round silicone cohesive gel implants are soft to the touch like natural breasts, and appear more natural as you move around. This is because they change from a teardrop shape when you are standing to a flatter shape when you lie down. Because these implants move along with your natural movements, there is no risk of rotation or associated seroma (fluid collection) development. Round implants are very versatile and can be shaped however you desire, allowing you to achieve anything from very natural-looking moderate breasts to high profile, very full breasts.

Anatomically-shaped “teardrop” profile implants are made of a slightly firmer silicone cohesive gel, and they are shaped like natural breasts. Teardrop implants feel less like breast tissue than round implants, and they stay the same shape as you move around, whether you are standing up or lying down. They also don’t move around as naturally because they have a textured surface that attaches to the body (so the implant won’t rotate). For these reasons, when you lie down, these implants tend to stay pointing up in the air ! Teardrop implants are often suggested for women with unusual shapes to their breast (eg. tuberous breasts) because they tend to take over the shape of the breast better than round implants. This shape may also be indicated for slender women who start with an A-cup, who need to have the inframammary fold (the fold under the breast) moved lower. There is a risk that teardrop implants may rotate overtime, causing your breasts to look misshapen, or resulting in seroma (fluid developing in the cavity) which would need draining and surgical correction.

Textured Or Smooth?

Textured implants have a rougher surface, so they allow scar tissue to hold them in place. Shaped implants such as teardrop implants are textured to maintain the proper orientation.

On the other hand, smooth, round silicone gel implants are the softest breast implants available, and feel the most like natural breast tissue. They are less likely to be visible than solid form, shaped implants. Because the capsule (scar) your body forms does not adhere to a smooth implant, they can move around and mimic natural breasts very well.

Final Thoughts

The introduction above is intended to familiarize you with the advantages and applications of each kind of implant. For more information, and to determine which size, shape, and texture of implant is best for you, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us online or by calling (416) 256-5614.




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